Pen-Wielder Takes on East Kingdom Knights

Asbury Park Press: Journalist Bob Cullinane takes an up-close-and-personal look at SCA heavy fighting in an article from the Asbury Park Press.

Ansteorra to Host Known World Dance and Music Symposium

Musicians and dancers of the Known World will gather at the College of Threebridges (Arlington, TX) June 6-8, 2003 for the Known World Dance and Music Symposium.

Lochac Grows by One

Pedr Gurteen announced recently that Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Lochac have a new subject, Ceridwen Samantha.

Home of Mythic Viking Discovered in Iceland

Globe News: The mystery of the wanderings of Snorri Thorfinnson may be closer to being solved with the doscovery of a perfectly-preserved tuef long house in Glaumbaer, Iceland.

Blackstone Raid Pits Aethelmearc Against Midrealm

April 24-27, 2003, AEthelmearc will be on the defensive against raiders from the Midrealm at Blackstone Raid XII in Charleston, West Virginia (USA).

Games Guild of Ealdormere publishes second issue of 'Games, Period'

The Games Guild of Ealdormere, which recently celebrated its first aniverary, has just published its second issue of 'Games, Period.'

Auction to Benefit Autumn War Injured to be Held

The Chivalry of An Tir will hold a Goods and Services Auction at 12th Night to benefit those injured by a falling tree branch at Autumn War.

SCA Treasurer Posts IRS Financial Statement

The 2001 IRS Financial Statement for the SCA has been posted on the Society's website. The information, collected over the past year, is from the report sent by the Corporate Office to the IRS.

Maestro Guidobaldo Marco Ono d'Aquilla Named An Tir Northern Rapier Champion

Lady Alessandra de Montefeltro has announced that Maestro Guidobaldo Marco Ono d'Aquillahas become An Tir's Northern Rapier Champion.

Stork Visits East Kingdom

Their Majesties of the East have welcomed a new citizen, Stephen Crawford Burnett.

East Kingdom Collects Toys for Tots

Lady Scheherazade Allouyna has announced Toys for Tots collection points for East Kingdom events.

Auditions Set for Midsummer Night's Dream

o'r Rhyd For-MacAre Productions in association with Carolinga have announced auditions for a production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream to be presented in April.

AEthelmearc to Host Scribal Newsletter

Lady Alienora Russeal has announced that the Kingdom of AEthelmearc will begin publishing a newsletter for heralds and scribes.

GallowGlass Academy Announces Rapier Classes for Twelfth Night

THL Senan and the GallowGlass Academy will present a special rapier workshop at Tree-Girt-Sea's Twelfth Night event. Tree-Girt-Sea is located in Chicago, Illinois (USA). Senan is a fencer of considerable reknown in the SCA and in the modern world.

New Baron Named for Red Spears

Their Royal Majesties of the Middle Kingdom, Tarrach and Fina, have announced Their choice of baronial candidate for the Barony of Red Spears in northwestern Ohio (USA).

Kingdom Fundraiser at Hunters' Feast Features Magnificent Handmade Quilt

THL Galiana fitz William has spent a year creating a fabulous quilt, nine feet (three metres) square, which is being donated to a fundraising auction in the Kingdom of Outlands.

East Kingdom Waterbearers Guild Formed

An East Kingdom Waterbearers Guild has been formed.

Preview Drachenwald's A&S Easter Site

Drachenwald's spring Kingdom A&S will be held at Karlhof, a property owned by Fuerst von Oettingen-Wallerstein. Pictures of the site are available online.

York Archaeological Photos Online

The York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research Ltd. has provided a fantastic online resource for students of medieval history.

Catapult Stunt Kills Student

A student died Sunday in Bristol, England after being being flung 100 feet from a catapult.

Pennsic 32 Online Preregistration Now Available

The web page to allow you to preregister for Pennsic 32 is now online, according to Fred Brezel of the Cooper's Lake staff.

Black Book of Carmarthen Online

The 13th century Black Book of Carmarthen, containing some of the earliest literature of Wales, will soon be available online.

Relic of St. Giles Discovered in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Evening News: What is believed to be an arm bone, and possibly a relic of St. Giles, has been discovered in the roof of St. Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Isabel is a Real Doll

The American Girl Company, long known for its American historical dolls, has added a line of "Girls of Many Lands" including an Elizabethan girl.

"What Every Medievalist Should Know"

Scout Report: Scholars on every level will want to explore an online treasure trove chock full of SCA-useful material.

Sir Tristan von Eising Featured in Article on Fantasy in American Life As The Two Towers is about to be released, some news agencies have taken another look at the SCA.

Site Offers How-Tos for Medieval Scientific Instruments

A chemistry professor at Humboldt State University in California offers students of medieval science a chance to build replicas of scientific instruments.

They're At It Again

The Quarter: "At least it keeps us off the streets!" So reads one of the many randomly-inserted bits of slogan text at the bottom of a page on this month's issue of The Quarter. The advertisement for a certain well-known Norse deity's fighter school is just....wrong. Go see it, right away.

Drachenwald Royals Offer First Look at Celebration Site

Their Majesties Giles and EzaBella of Drachenwald invite gentles to have a look at the site for the June 2003 10th Year Drachenwald Celebration.

Photos from Lochac's November Crown Tourney

Held in the Barony of Innilgard, the second Crown tourney of the 17th and newest Kingdom of the Known World was a marvelous affair. Here are some photos from the event, accompanied by a slightly expanded text description of the Tourney.