Devon Farmer Builds Bronze Age Burial Chamber

Gavin Dollard, a resident of Ivybridge in Devon, England, is building his own "cromlech," or Bronze Age burial chamber.

Lost Castle Buildings Discovered by Freelance Archaeologist

A survey of the grounds of Glyndwr Castle in Wales may reveal lost buildings named in the writings of court poet Iolo Goch.

Rowany Festival Photos Online

Rauf Le Brewere of Stormhold has provided online photos from the recent Rowany Festival in Lochac.

Volunteers Discover Roman Ballista Launch Pad

This is Hertfordshire: A group of volunteers tending a Roman wall in Hertfordshire have discovered the remains of a Roman bastian.

Company of the Swan Organizes Grand Behourdium for Drachenwald Ten Year Celebration

Captain Aethstan of Wortham has announced that a Grand Behourdium and Deed of Arms will take place at the Kingdom of Drachenwald's Ten Year Celebration this summer, organized by the Company of the Swan.

Baron Ulsted & Baroness Cateau New Prince & Princess of Ansteorra

At the May 3 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, Baron Ulsted, fighting for Baroness Cateau, was victorious.

Tomb of Gilgamesh Found in Iraq?

A German archaeological expedition believes it has found the tomb of King Gilgamesh, the subject of humanity's oldest book.

Weekend Tourneys Produce Heirs in Ansteorra, East, Meridies, Atlantia and Northshield

Calontir List: A number of Crown Tournaments and Coronets took place May 3, 2003. Here are partial reports of the results.

Asbjorn Pedersen and Marienna Jensdatter Named Baron and Baroness of Ildhafn

Their Majesties of Caid have named Asbjorn Pedersen and Marienna Jensdatter the first Baron and Baroness of the new Barony of Ildhafn.

Stefan Offers New Entries to the Florilegium for May 2003

The Honoraable Lord Stefan li Rous has added new content to his Florilegium.

Balfar Victorious in East Kingdom Crown Tournament

Balfar and Luna are the East Kingdom's new Prince and Princess after last weekend's Crown Tournament.

Canterbury Fair Attracts SCAdians in New Zealand

Canterbury Fair, New Zealand's largest SCA camping event, attracts 100-150 participants each February. Enjoy browsing their online photo album.

Known World University Online Seeks Instructors

Instructors in all subjects and at all levels are needed for the newly launched Known World University Online.

Known World WebChess Needs Players

Who's the Chess Master of the Known World? Is it you?

Chicago Institute Helps in the Search for Looted Iraqi Antiquities

National Geographic: Scholars at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute have set up a website to help stop smuggling of Iraq's looted treasures.

New Email Service Makes Reaching SCA Board Members a Snap

SCA President Meg Baron has announced a new way to contact Board representatives.

Sleeping Tight in the SCA

Camping season is here! Do you have a comfortable place to sleep? Aoife shares sources for Medieval and Renaissance beds in this week's column.

President's Report on the April 2003 BoD Meeting

Meg Baron, President of the SCA, Incorporated, has released the official President's Report on the Board of Directors meeting held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 26. Among the agenda items were several inter-Kingdom land transfers and policy changes.

Drop Box Sponsorship Needed for Harvest for Hunger

Elizabet Marshall, organizer of the Pennsic food drive, Harvest for Hunger, is seeking volunteers to sponsor the drive's drop boxes.

"The Legacy of Genghis Khan" Exhibit in Los Angeles

An exhibit, "The Legacy of Genghis Khan: Courtly Art and Culture in Western Asia 1256-1353," will be at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art April 13-July 27, 2003.

Burial Box of James, Brother of Jesus May Soon be Authenticated

National Geographic: A controversial ossuary discovered last fall bearing the inscription "James, Son of Joseph, Brother of Jesus" is closer to being declared authentic, researchers say.

Heralds Needed for An Tir's May Crown Tourney

Gentles of strong voice are needed to cry the town for An Tir's upcoming Crown Tournament to be held May 16-18, 2003 in Wealdsmere (Spokane County, WA).

AEthelmearc Archery Championship to be Held at War Practice

The championship shoot to determine AEthelmearc's Archery Champion will be held May 17, 2003 at AEthelmearc War Practice.

Costumers and Fencers to Meet in Denver

The Known World Costuming Symposium and the Known World Academy of the Rapier will both meet on October 17-19, 2003 in the Barony of Caerthe, Kingdom of the Outlands at the Renaissance Denver Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Campaign to Save Stern of Newport Ship Fails

Those who have been following the fate of the Newport Ship will be sad to learn that efforts to save the stern have failed.

New Zealand Groups to Join Lochac

In a vote by the Board of Directors on April 26, it was decided that SCA groups in New Zealand would become part of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Pennsic University Instructors May Register Online

Gentles wishing to teach classes at the upcoming Pennsic War may register online, according to Mistress Chai'usun, Pennsic 32 A&S Coordinator.

Tir Righ Becomes An Tir Crown Principality

It was decided at last weekend's Board of Director's Meeting that Tir Righ in the Kingdom of An Tir will become a Crown Principality.

Warrior Challenge Comes to PBS

Those who enjoyed the recent program on medieval jousting will want to take a look at the new PBS series "Warrior Challenge," where four groups of British and American people will learn "hands-on history."

Lace, Celtic Knotwork, and Weights and Measures Resources All Online

Aoife offers an eclectic blend this week with annotated resources for: "Lace, Celtic Knotwork, and Weights and Measures."