Roman Fort to Become Tourist Attraction

Edinburgh News: A Roman fort, the British headquarters of Emperor Septimius Severus, will draw thousands of tourists to the Edinburgh area.

SCAdian On Stage in Production of Camelot

Lord Duncan of Skeene, Huscarl of Calontir, invites his fellow SCA members to attend the Topeka Civic Theatre's production of Camelot July 11-August 9, 2003 and play "How Many SCA Artifacts Can You Find in the Show?"

Russian Ethnologist Discusses the Role of the Spindle in Folklore

Svetlana Zhulnickova, who works for the Russian open air museum Karelia, has spent many years researching traditional Russian practices and how they affect folklore. In 1999, she gave a lecture on the use of the spindle in world folklore.

East Kingdom Has New Subject

Their Majesties of the East Kingdom have a new subject today: an 8 lbs, 14 oz baby boy.

Farmers Spread Celtic Language into Britain 6,000 Years Ago

A Reuters article reports that geneticist Peter Forster of the University of Cambridge has produced a study indicating that farmers carried the Celtic language through the British Isles, Ireland, and France over 6,000 ago.

"Finding Our Past" Tour to Salute Amateur Archaeologists

The Journal: The Mildenhall Treasure will return to East Anglia as part of a touring exhibition highlighting treasures found by British amateur archaeologists.

Baghdad Museum Will Reopen

Washington Post: The controversial Iraqi National Museum will re-open its doors Thursday July 10, 2003 with a glittering exhibit of the Treasures of Nimrud.

Church Rebuilding Project Delayed for Excavation of Hanakuma Castle

Daily Yomiuri: Kobe Eiko Church, damaged in an earthquake in 1995, will have to wait a little longer for repairs as researchers excavate archaeological sites from three separate periods, including the ruins of Hanakuma Castle.

Non-Medical Volunteers Needed for Chirurgeons' Point and Battles at Pennsic

Volunteers with no medical or first aid training will be in great demand at the upcoming Pennsic War's Chirurgeons' Point and at the battles.

Treasure Hunt Online!

Find selected artifacts from the collections of the national libraries of Europe by using the virtual exhibition called "Treasures from Europe's National Libraries".

Reconstructed Ringlemere Cup to be Displayed at British Museum

A bronze cup, dating from the time of the construction of Stonehenge, has been acquired by the British Museum and will soon be on display.

Gillian Polack to Teach Online Course on Medieval Food

Suite 101 will offer an online course on medieval food to be taught by SCA member Gillian Pollack.

Rose Royal Tournament Draws Sunshine and Swordplay in AEthelmearc

Duchess Dorinda shares a wonderful, detailed report on the Rose Royal Invitational Tourney, which took place June 28, 2003 in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.

Penn State Medieval Garden

Professor Martin McGann has Penn State University has designed a medieval garden to help faculty and students learn about agriculture in the Middle Ages.

Hare Raising Hounds in AEthelmearc!

Baroness Olivia d'Anjou, Autocrat, has announced that an event featuring hound coursing will take place in the Barony of Delftwood on July 12, 2003.

For Sale: Cornish Burial Mound

British rocker Nic Potter is sellinga Bronze Age Cornish burial mound for only 150,000 pounds ($249,700).

Which Lady of Camelot are You?

The latest in the fad of online quizzes, this one determines which lady of Arthurian legend you most resemble.

2,000-Year-Old Rice Wine Discovered in China

Radio Australia: Scientists are excited by the discovery of a jar of 2,000-year-old wine in northern China.

Russian and Slavic Research Material Available

Dame Aoife has done extensive research on sources for Slavs and Rus during the medieval time period. Her annoted links are now available.

Midrealm's Baron Wars Photos Online

Photographs from this Baron Wars (2003) are reportedly now available online thanks to a post on the Legio Draconis website.

Utah Residents Rush to Cash in on Viking "Treasure"

Salt Lake Tribune: An ad campaign for a summer festival with a Viking theme has led some Utah residents to attempt to claim the "treasure."

New Book Rewrites Canadian History

History News Network: Canadian geographer Samuel Bawlf's "The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake 1577-1580" claims Drake was first to explore Western Canada.

New Drachenwald Ten Year Celebration Photos Online

More photos from Drachenwald's Ten Year Celebration are now online.

Burglary by Ruse and Escalade

The Age: In a scene straight out of a Harry Potter book, a thief has been charged with "burglary by ruse and escalade" by a French court for the theft of priceless medieval volumes stolen from fortress monastery library.

SCA Nation -- Members Step Back to Medieval Times

South Bend Tribune: The annual Swine and Roses event in South Bend, Indiana (USA) was visited by a reporter and photographer from the local newspaper, who did a full-page story on the event.

Stefan li Rous Announces Additions to the Florilegium

THL Stefan li Rous has announced additions to Stefan's Florilegium for July.

Restoration of Rosslyn Chapel to Reveal Secrets?

Scottish Life: A restoration of the sealed vaults of Rosslyn Chapel could reveal long-buried secrets.

Did an Asteroid Cause Constantine's Conversion?

Scientists are speculating that an impact crater in the Italian Sirente Mountains may have prompted Constantine's conversion to Christianity.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Opens Exhibit on Hendrick Goltzius

The Metropolitan Museum of Art opens an exhibit on the work of virtuoso Netherlandish mannerist artist Hendrick Goltzius today in the Robert Lehman Wing.

Pennsic Bards' Books to Track Bardic Activities

Want to participate in bardic activities at Pennsic? Check the Bards' Books to see what's happening.