Trimaris Mourns for Mistress Atalaya

Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora, a Pelican, Laurel, armoured fighter, and Chirurgeon who served many years in Trimaris, has died of an apparent heart attack.

Nigel McFarland Becomes Midrealm's Newest Knight

Nigel McFarland was knighted July 26, 2003 at Simple Day in the Barony of Sternfeld.

Re-enactors Stage Siege of Orleans in the Ukraine

Hundreds of history buffs recreate a battle from the Hundred Years War over a weekend in the Ukraine.

Seeking Applicants for Laurel Sovereign of Arms

Francois, Laurel King of Arms, is seeking applicants to fill the position of Laurel Sovereign of Arms.

Errors in A&S Schedule in Pennsic Onsite Book

The Pennsic 32 Publications Editor announced that the Pennsic Onsite Book has errors in the A&S Classes by Day schedule.

Interactive Dig of Turkey's Sagalassos

Archaeology Magazine: Thought to be the best-preserved ancient city in the world, Sagalassos in southwest Turkey is the topic of Archaeology Magazine's "Interactive Dig."

Known World Poetic Challenge to Take Place at Pennsic War

Poets of the Known World are encouraged to participate in the Known World Poetic Challenge, which will take place at this year's Pennsic War.

Thousandth Story Posted

Almost exactly one year after its founding, passes a major milestone: the 1000th news article has been published.

Grand Council Accepting Applicants, Deadline Thursday

Thursday, July 31, is the deadline for individuals to apply for membership on the SCA's Grand Council, an advisory committee to the Board of Directors.

Pennsic 32 Battle Schedule

Need to plan your Pennsic activities around the Battle Schedule? It's online for your convenience.

East Kingdom to Fete Teens at Pennsic

Lady Ardenia ARuadh, coordinator of The Pennsic Teen Party, is in need of volunteers to help with supplies, chaperoning, and entertainment.

National Gallery Wins Grant to Help Keep "Madonna of the Pinks" in the UK

The Heritage Lottery Fund will award

Mary Rose Receives Reprieve

The remains of Henry VIII's warship, the Mary Rose, may yet be saved thanks to a

Tudor Hackney Gives Virtual Tour of Elizabethan House

A virtual reality construction of an Elizabethan house lets visitors visit Hackney (near London) in the year 1601.

Midrealm Rose Tourney Photos and Video Online

Lord Varus of Legio Draconis has posted photos and videos from the recent Middle Kingdom Rose Tournament on his website.

It's "Hurray" in An Tir!

Their Majesties Gunnar and Gabrielle of the Kingdom of An Tir have requested that the cheer "Hurray!" be used during Their Reign.

University of Texas' Gutenberg Bible Goes Online

The University of Texas has put its entire two-volume Gutenberg Bible on the Internet.

Televised Expedition May Uncover Secret of Noah's Flood

Scientists, including Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard, plan to televise part of a two-week expedition to the Black Sea with hopes that they will discover Roman, Bronze Age or Byzantine artifacts, or even evidence of the Biblical flood.

Midrealm Silent Heralds Seeking Volunteers

Roaring Wastes: Lady Cecilia Bartoletti is seeking gentles interested in acting as sign language interpretors for the Silent Herald program.

Medieval Historians Protest with 12th Century "WMD"

History News Network: 1300 medieval historians protested last week after being called "an intellectual adornment" by Education Secretary Charles Clark. To make their point, they used a 12th century "weapon of mass distruction:" a trebuchet.

Passing of Master Alfonso de Castile

Premier Laurel of the Society succumbs to cancer.

An Tir Mourns the Loss of Master Robbin Greybeard

Mistress Elayne Greybeard the Eclectic has announced the passing of her dear husband Master Robbin Greybeard on July 21, 2003.

St. Basil's Cathedral on Shaky Ground

Following a three-year restoration of St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow's most recognizable landmark, experts say that it may be necessary to strengthen the foundation to keep the building from collapsing.

Coxcomb Academy Plans Numerous Activities for Pennsic 32 and Collegium Caidis

The Coxcomb Academy, noted for their performing arts classes, recently published a list of upcoming classes and public performances for Pennsic War 32 and Collegium Caidis.

Caer Galen and Fontaine dans Sable Approved for Baronial Advancement

The Shire of Caer Galen and the Shire of Fontaine dans Sable, both located in the Kingdom of Outlands, have been approved by the SCA Board of Directors to become two new Baronies.

Maxim's "Summer Knights"

Men's magazine "Maxim" seems to have an odd concept of the Pennsic War and the SCA in general in a blurb in the August 2003 issue.

Playing the Prize in the Guild of Defense

Silfren the Singer and Don Tariq ibn Jelal, two Guildmasters of the Guild of Defense who played the first prizes in Lochac, offer some thoughts on the concept of "Playing the Prize."

Rare Books and Manuscripts Online

A treasure trove of original manuscripts and books from the Middle Ages can be found online at SCETI, the Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image.

Attention Teachers: Visit the Kingdom of History!

Looking for resource material to teach about the Middle Ages? Take a look at "Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History."

Omaha Newspaper Endeavors to Understand the SCA

Omaha World-Herald: A short article in the Omaha World-Herald looks at the exploits of members of the Shire of Hinterland in the Kingdom of the Outlands.