Razed 16th Century Mosque Straddled 10th Century Hindu Temple

AFP: Indian archaeologists have found a medieval Hindu temple under the remains of an Islamic shrine that was razed by Hindus in 1992, a report unveiled in court said.

Irish Archaeologist Unearths "Find of his Life"

U TV: A 6"x10" bronze shrine, originally constructed to hold a bell, has been discovered at an excavation of Celtic site bear Ballycastle in Northern Ireland.

Tourists Banned from China's Great Wall

Large sections of the Great Wall of China have been closed to tourists due to detereoration.

North African Coin Discovered in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Echo: An amateur archaeologist discovered a Roman coin minted in North Africa in a farmer's field near Lincoln, England.

9th Century Church May be Birthplace of Christianity in Bulgaria

Novinite: Archaeologists have discovered a 9th century church which may be the site of the conversion of Bulgaria's first Christian ruler, Boris I.

Crusader Castle Littered & Neglected

The Daily Star (Lebanon): Beaufort Castle, above the village of Arnoun in Lebanon, was fortified by the Crusaders in the 12th century. Today, following years of use of the castle as a helicopter base and an observation post, it has accumulated much trash and debris.

Vatican Letter Proves Pope's Involvement in Galileo Case

Zenit: A letter, recently-discovered in the Vatican archives, shows the involvement of pope Urban VIII in the trial of Galileo.

Skeletons Discovered Beneath Public Library

Sunday Herald: The discovery of 50 skeletons in a shallow grave beneath the public library in St. Andrews, Scotland, leads archaeologists to believe that the town may be situated over a vast medieval cemetery.

SCAdians can Shop Online with iGive.com and Support the SCA!

Tracey Stoever, Corporate Development Officer for the SCA, Inc. reports on new opportunities for those wishing to donate to the SCA - online shopping with hundreds of vendors through iGive.com.

The Met Hosts Exhibit on 17th Century Chinese Landscape Paintings

"Dreams of Yellow Mountain: Landscapes of Survival in Seventeenth-Century China" will be open at the Galleries for Chinese Painting and Calligraphy at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City from September 13, 2003, through January 25, 2004.

Experiencing the Times [Pennsic]

Youngstown Vindicator: The Youngstown (Ohio) Vindicator has published an article about the Pennsic War.

Descendants of Last Aztec Emperor Seek Pensions Promised in 16th century

AFP: The descendants of Moctezuma II, the last Aztec emperor of Mexico, are trying to recover the pensions granted them in 1550 and suspended in 1934.

More Photos from Pennsic 32

Raven of Drachenwald shares photos from Pennsic 32.

Lengthy Breastfeeding May have Contributed to the Health of Medieval Babies

News Telegraph: A study of the bones from an abandoned medieval village may prove that English babies thrived due to lengthy breast-feeding.

Public Bathing Returns to Bath

Telegraph.co.uk: The city of Bath, known throughout British history for its public baths, will again offer bathing to its hoards of tourists.

Mongolia's Cult of Ghengis Khan

Under Mongolia's former Communist rulers, the mere mention of the name of Ghengis Khan was outlawed. Now there is no escaping him.

Viking Naming Source Available Online

Gentles looking for period Norse names will want to check out a website by Aryanhwy merch Catmael (Sara L. Friedemann) which uses period sources for Viking bynames (nicknames).

Blacksmiths to Converge on Ohio

September 26-28, the Quad-State Conference 2003, the American Midwest's largest blacksmithing convention, will take place in Troy, Ohio.

12th Century Priory Rediscovered in Hereford, England

After 20 years of searching, archaeologists have located a 12th century monastery beneath Hereford County Hospital.

Finding Charlemagne on the Web

Aoife has returned from War and shares her links on Charlemagne, including history, costume, embroidery, arms and tactics, and architecture.

Receding Danube Waters Reveal Byzantine Fortress

AFP: The low water level in the Danube River has led to the rediscovery of a 10th century Byzantine fortress at Pacuiul lui Soare in southern Romania. The fortress was swallowed by the river in the 15th century.

Viking Warrior Discovered in Dublin

Prolog: The remains of a Viking warrior have been discovered in a shallow grave in downtown Dublin.

AEthelmearc Welcomes Baby Michael

Adelheidis Spatauf and Wolfgang von dem Schwartzwald are the proud new parents of Michael Ephraim Gaasch, born August 22, 2003.

English Handwriting Class Online

A website, edited by Andrew Zurcher, uses manuscripts to teach the writing of English letters from 1500-1700.

SCAdian Runs for Governor of California

One of the over one hundred thirty candidates for Governor of California is a member of the SCA.

Isabella Font Copies Hand of the Isabella Breviary

John Stracke has announced the publication of the Isabella Font based on the calligraphic hand of Isabella of Castille from around 1497.

"Otzi" Died in Combat

A prehistoric iceman discovered by archaeologists in the Italian Alps and nicknamed "Otzi" may have been killed in combat.

National Public Radio Airs Feature Story on Pennsic 32

NPR: "Only A Game" is the title of a weekly sports program, produced by Boston University Public Radio station WBUR. Today's edition of the show features Pennsic War 32, with interviews and coverage of two major battles.

Pennsic Rapier Champions Featured on Photo Page

Lord Liam of the East Kingdom has posted photos by Don Brokk Jarlsson of the Pennsic 32 Rapier Champions Battle.

Viking Haute Couture Modeled in Denmark

MSN: The latest in medieval fashion was modeled recently at an outdoor museum near Lejre, Denmark.