Performers Sought for Armorgeddon

Lady Robina M'Baine of Willow Wood is looking for a few good jugglers, poets, singers, etc. to take part in a concert to be held on Saturday of Armorgeddon. Armorgeddon is September 11-14, 2003 in the Shire of Borderdown.

Viking University Courses Available Online

A free university course on Viking Society will be starting on October, 2003. The course runs in conjunction with excavations now being undertaken in Gotland, Sweden and with research being conducted on a Viking harbor.

Medieval Heraldic Register on Display in Berlin


"Across America" to Feature Pennsic War

Subscribers to DIRECTV will want to set their VCRs to "record" when HD.Net's "Across America" airs a segment filmed at Pennsic 32.

Discovering Medieval Africa

Dame Aoife's project for this week was finding links dealing with medieval Africa. While the list is relatively short, there are some very interesting sites.

Drachenwald Boasts of New Recruitment Technique


Fire Ban Causes Tir Righ to Change Coronet Site

The recent wildfire situation in Western Canada has caused the closure of Scouting facilities in that part of the country and made necessary a site change for the upcoming Tir Righ Coronet.

Ealdormere Subjects Featured in CBC Documentary

CBC: Canadian Broadcast Corporation reporter Mike Smith, from Ottawa (Canada), spent four days at Pennsic 32.

New Exhibit on Persian Painting and Poetry at the Sackler

"Love and Yearning: Mystical and Moral Themes in Persian Poetry and Painting," featuring 26 of the finest illustrated manuscripts relating to Persian lyrical poetry, will be on display at the Sackler Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Dame Aoife's Illuminating Experience

Dame Aoife shares her collection of links dealing with calligraphy and illumination.

Fund Set to Aid Family of Jonas McMillen


Globe Theater Replica to be Built in Rome

AP: The city of Rome is building a replica of the Globe Theatre at the Villa Borghese, to open on October 15 with a performance of "Romeo and Juliet."

Bids for SCA 40th Anniversary Celebration Sought

The 40th anniversary of the SCA is approaching, and the SCA Board of Directors is now accepting bids for the celebration.

Jonas McMillen, a new fighter, collapsed at a fighter practice during an authorization bout last Sunday. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly thereafter.

SCA President Clarifies Equestrian Insurance Issues

Meg Baron, President of the SCA, offers clarification on policy for insurance certificates for equestrian events.

Calontiris in Jeopardy Due to Torrential Rains

SCA members journeying to and from the Tournament of Valor in the Barony of Vataviaon found themselves in jeopardy Saturday as torrential rains flooded the Kansas Turnpike.

Society President Clarifies Waiver and Medical Release Policies for Minors

Meg Baron, President of the SCA, has published a clarification of policy on waivers and medical release forms for minors, including those attending events without a parent or guardian present on site.

Salford Manor House Named Britain's Oldest Continuously Occupied Home

A manor house in Somerset, thought to date to before 1150, has been named the longest continuously occupied home in Britain.

Romans May Have Worn Socks With Their Sandals

A foot from a Roman-era statue was found in London -- wearing a sock under a sandal.

Twentieth Issue Allowed to Escape, Populace Recoils in Horror

The Quarter: The repeat offenders at The Quarter have once again failed in their attempt to prevent the escape of a new issue.

Footprint of Jamestown Fort Found

Hampton Roads Daily Press: Archaeologists working on the site of the James Fort, in Jamestown, VA, have announced that they have for the first time been able to map the exact location, shape, and size of the 1607 structure, the first permanent English settlement in America.

Roman Vase a Renaissance Fake?

The Portland Vase, a key piece in the British Museum's collection of Roman treasures may actually be a clever Renaissance fake.

Duke Sir Skapti Thorinson Victorious in An Tir Crown Tourney

Duke Sir Skapti Thorinson, inspired by Greifyna Asa Starradottir, was the victor of An Tir's Crown Tournament Saturday.

Elizabethan Life in the Present Tense

Presenting the life and times of the Elizabethan age has been made easier through the "Life in Elizabethan England- A Compendium of Common Knowledge" written by Maggie Pierce Secara, known Mistress M

Was Chaucer Murdered?

History News Network: A new book by Terry Jones and Dr. Alan Fletcher implies the author may have been murdered for his religious and political beliefs.

Da Vinci Painting Stolen

"The Madonna with the Yarnwinder" was stolen from Drumlanrig Castle, in southern Scotland.

Newport Ship Mystery May be Solved

IC Wales: The mystery surrounding the identity of a 15th century ship discovered last year in Newport, Wales may have been solved.

Mittion Victorious in Trimaris Crown Tourney

Duke Mittion von Weald has won the right to crown his lady, Brighid Caileen of the Moors, as Queen of Trimaris.

Burial Mounds, Cistercian Abbey, Chapel and Medieval Cemetery Unearthed near Chester

IC Northwales: Excavations of a site near the Duke of Westminster's Eaton estate in Chester, England may provide work for archaeologists for many years. A new dig shows that the area has known human habitation dating back 9,000 years.

1st Century Jewish Farmhouse Discovered Near Ptora in Israel Contractors working on the Trans-Israel Highway have found the remains of a first century Jewish farmhouse.