Barony Lends Helping Hand at Homeless Shelter

Roaring Wastes: Iasmin de Cordoba, Baroness Roaring Wastes of the Middle Kingdom, announced that volunteers from the barony would help prepare meals at a homeless shelter.

Drachenwald Heraldic Submissions Database

Guntram, Albion Herald for the Kingdom of Drachenwald, has announced that the Kingdom's Heraldic Submissions Database is now fully operational.

Vikings Cavort at Lochac's Valhalla-fire and Ragnaroc Party

Vikings beware! Photos from the Valhalla-fire and Ragnaroc party at the recent Canterbury Faire in Christchurch, NZ, may send you screaming for your longships!

Natural Plastic Discovered by Leonard Da Vinci

Discovery News: Alessandro Vezzosi recently discovered a recipe for natural plastic in the drawings and notes of Renaissance genius Leonard da Vinci.

New Study Claims Catapult-Makers Were Celebrities

National Geographic: Serafina Cuomo, of Imperial College London's Centre for the History of Science, has written an article for the February 6, 2004 issue of "Science" claiming that catapult-makers were the "rock stars" of antiquity.

Preserving Jefferson's Gardens and Landscapes

Monticello, the historic home of Thomas Jefferson, and the University of Virginia will again be co-sponsoring a workshop on historic landscaping.

Full Contact Medieval Combat Tourney at Fayre

Press Release: Eight contestants, competing for (UK)

6th Century Comet Linked to Plague and Crop Failure

Cardiff University: Scientists at Cardiff University have new theories about a 6th century comet which may have collided with the Earth.

And Now, an Austrian Fling?

Archaeological discoveries in Austria give merit to claims that Austrians invented tartan kilts.

New Exhibit on Domestic Depictions at the Toledo Museum of Art

"The Domestic Scene: Views of Culture from the Toledo Museum of Art" will be on display in the Graphic Arts Galleries at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio, until May 9, 2004.

Medieval Ring Declared Treasure Trove

Isle of Wight County Press: A medieval silver ring found on the Isle of Wight has been officially declared a "treasure trove," which allows the Isle of Wight Council to purchase it for display on the island.

Dame Aoife's Links on Espionage and Warfare

Dame Aoife's weekly links list presents seventeen selected web sites with information about spying, strategy, and tactics in the Middle Ages.

Photos from Oertha's Brigid's Feast Online

Photos from the Brigid's Feast event held February 7, 2004 in the Shire of Ravensfjord are now available online.

Glyndwr Leads "Welsh Heroes" Poll

Shropshire Star: Fifteenth-century Welsh leader Owain Glyndwr is gaining a majority of the votes in an online poll for the greatest Welsh heroes of all time.

Re-Enactors Invited to Living History Fair

Twice a year, re-enactors are invited to attend or take part in England's National Living History Fair. The next one is February 20-22, 2004 at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre.

Barony of Hidden Mountain to Celebrate Twenty Years Strong

The Barony of Hidden Mountain in the Kingdom of Atlantia will celebrate its Twentieth Year Birthday and the Investiture of a new Baron and Baroness on April 23-25.

"Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance" Comes to PBS

The rise of the Medici Family and its "creation" of the Renaissance is the subject of a four-hour series to begin airing on PBS February 11, 2004.

Medici Assassination Solved

Pravda: Marcello Simonetti has published the text of a 15th century coded letter in The Italian Historical Archives which solves the mystery of the murder of Juliano de Medici in 1478.

Results from Membership Survey Released

The SCA's Chairman, Linda Moore, has publicly released the results of the recent membership survey poll.

Stefan's Florilegium Adds New Material

THL Stefan li Rous announces new additions to "Stefan's Florilegium" for February.

"Chaucer's Treatise on Using an Astrolabe" Sparks Interest in Navigational Instruments

In 1391, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a treatise on how to use an astrolabe. A transcription of the work is now available online, which sparked a discussion of navigational instruments on the Lochac list.

Terry Jones' Thoughts on "Medieval Lives"

Guardian Unlimited: "The medieval world wasn't a time of stagnation or ignorance," says Jones. "A lot of what we assume to be medieval ignorance is, in fact, our own ignorance about the medieval world."

Ealdormere Creates a New Pelican

Ealdormere's newest Pelican is Baroness Tabitha Dearval.

Newport Ship Linked to Earl of Warwick

News Telegraph: The Earl of Warwick, England's "Kingmaker," may have ordered repairs to the Newport ship, discovered in 2002 in South Wales, according to a 1469 letter.

"Beauty Contest" at Rowany Festival

John of the Hills has announced the Fourth Annual Best Looking Campsite with Banners and Flags at Rowany Festival Competition, which will take place April 8-13, 2004 in Lochac's Barony of Rowany.

Blaeu Atlas of Scotland Available Online

A digital version of the "Blaeu Atlas of Scotland," the country's first atlas, is now available online.

"Headcoverings from the Dublin Excavations" Now in Print

The Royal Irish Academy has announced that "Headcoverings from the Dublin Excavations," a book by Elizabeth Wincott that covers Irish headcoverings from the 9th-12th centuries, is now in print.

Program on Shakespeare Airs on PBS in February

"In Search of Shakespeare," a four-part series, will be broadcast on PBS stations this month.

Tourists and Developers Contribute to Destruction of China's Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is in trouble. Only a third of the structure is still standing due to "vandalism, pigsties and natural erosion."

Byzantine Medieval Hypertexts

Tatiana Nikolova-Houston contends that Medieval manuscripts are the hypertexts of the Middle Ages.