Correction to Recent Request-for-Commentary from the BoD

Meg Baron, President of the SCA, has posted a correction to the recent RFC letter concerning membership numbers required for various group sizes.

"The Reckoning:" a Medieval Thriller

A new medieval thriller, starring Paul Bettany and Willem Dafoe, brings the 14th century alive through painstaking recreation which includes cold castles and the Black Plague.

Criminals' Remains Found in Oxford Castle Moat

Archaeology Magazine: The remains of about seventy prisoners, some dating back to the 16th century, have been found in excavations of the moat at Oxford Castle.

Photos Online from Newcomers' Event in Lochac

The College of St. Monica, which is part of the Shire of Krae Glas (Monash University, Clayton campus, in south-east Melbourne, Australia), hosted the Newcomers' Faire on the 20th March, AS XXXVIII.'s Lochac correspondent shares his event report and photo album.

Greek Astronomy and the Medieval Arabic Tradition

American Scientist: Medieval Islamic astronomers may have corrected and improved on Greek astronomy by creating new mathematical tools to explain the motions of celestial objects.

Trimaris Wins Rapier Field Melee at Gulf Wars

For the first time in Gulf Wars history, Trimaris and her allies have taken the Rapier Field Melee Battle!

Ealdormere Concludes Its First Golden Seamstress Competition

Nicolaa provides an event summary and results from Ealdormere's first Golden Seamstress competition, held March 19 in Ontario.

Lectures to Highlight Klakavirki Event

The Incipient Shire of Klakavirki will host lectures on armoring and Renaissance wedding customs, as well as a tourney, at its first event August 27-29, 2004 at the Naval Air Station in Keflavik, Iceland.

"Most Faithful" Wife Still Honored After Centuries

A marble plaque bearing the inscription "Most Faithful" was found in a 3rd century Roman grave near Canterbury, England recently, speaking of a husband's gesture of eternal love.

17th Century Hand Grenade from the Battle of Killiecrankie Discovered

News Telegraph: A fragment from a hand grenade has been recovered from the site of the 17th century Battle of Killiecrankie, a celebrated Jacobite victory.

Atlantia Kingdom A&S Competition Winners Announced

James of Middle Aston, King Minister of Arts & Sciences for Atlantia, has announced the winners of the recent Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival.

Real Gladiators Ate Barley!

News.telegraph: Cemetery research has discovered that the diet of the Roman gladiator consisted mainly of barley and beans.

Welsh Sword of State to be Unveiled May 1

IC Wales: On May 1, 1421, the last of the Welsh freedom fighters surrendered. Now the day will commemorate the unveiling of the new Welsh Sword of State being created to honor Owain Glyndwr's coronation.

Outlands Heirs Determined

Baron Giovanni di Sienna defeated Duke Johann von Balduinseck to secure the Coronet for his lady, Countess Cainnleach Uiseir of Glendalough.

Elvish Language Courses Offered in England

Omaha World Herald: Students at Turves Green Boys' Technology College in Birmingham, England have a rare opportunity: the chance to study conversational Elvish.

Finnish Saga Inspiration for "Lord of the Rings"

National Geographic: The Kalevala, the Finnish national epic poem, may have inspired J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" according to researchers.

Uffizi Museum to be Renovated

The Palazzo degli Uffizi, an art museum in Florence, Italy which has stood since 1575, is about to get its first face-lift in several decades. The Uffizi is world-renowned for having one of the single greatest art collections, and is home to several priceless works of the Renaissance.

Be a Hero, Save a Life at Pennsic War

Lady Angelique d'Herisson has announced that a blood drive will be held at this year's Pennsic War.

Henry VIII and the Royal Football Shoes

Textile expert Maria Hayward has found evidence that Henry VIII's extensive wardrobe contained a pair of football shoes which cost him four shillings.

Free Northshield! Cartoon Epic Chronicles the "Real" Story of a New Kingdom

Sales of a fictional comic-book story of Northshield's quest for independence will help fund the new Kingdom's first regalia.

Roman Paris Located West of Modern City

Expatica: New research has determined that Lutetia, the Roman precursor of modern Paris, was located not on the Ile de la Cite but ten kilometers west near the modern suburb of Nanterre.

Chairman Announces Achievement of Membership Milestone

According to Linda Moore, SCA Inc. Chairman, the SCA has experienced a phenomenal period of growth, and in the past twelve months has "added more members in one year all of the years combined from 1993 - 2003."

Board of Directors Seeks Commentary on Branch Membership Requirements

The SCA Board of Directors is seeking commentary from the populace on proposed changes to the number and type of members required to create, advance, or sustain the status of branch groups.

Chamber President Checks Out the SCA at Estrella

Palo Verde Valley Times: The Palo Verde Valley Times reports that Mark Fulton of the Blythe Area Chamber of Commerce made the trek to the Estrella War to check out the possibility of sponsoring an SCA event in his city.

Another Estrella War Photo Gallery Online

Cassandra Tomei of Tomei has professional photos of the recent Estrella War 2004 online.

Weavers Start Work On Major New Tapestry

Historic Scotland: Weavers Louise Martin, Louise Trotter and Laura Mar from the West Dean Tapestry Studio have begun work on a three-year project to create a modern interpretation of the third tapestry from the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries. The Articles Just Keep Coming In

Sword is a web site devoted to teaching fighters about combat in the SCA; some of these fighters happen to be women. Their web site has recently added a number of new articles.

Chirurgeon-General Elevated to Order of the Pelican

Friar Galen of Ockham, Society Chirurgeon-General, was elevated to the Order of the Pelican recently at Une Fete d'Amour in Midewinde (Principality of Northshield, Midrealm).

SCA in Israel Off to a Good Start

Yehoshua ben Haym haYerushalmi, Seneschal of the Incipient Shire of Beit Aryeh in Jerusalem, has posted photos of recent shire activities.

Hitting the Target with Crossbows

Dame Aoife offers links for information and discussion on crossbows in this week's column.