The Price of Vengeance: Roman Style

Today, the Pentagon paying $700 for a toilet seat might be upsetting. However, Rome far outspent the Pentagon in its plan to destroy Carthage at the end of the 3rd Punic War.

Gulf Wars: The View from the Kitchen

Lady Alvira reminds us that an army runs on its stomach in this inspiring report from Calontir's kitchen at the recent Gulf Wars XIII.

Gulf Wars XIII: Siridean's Breach: A Waterbearer's View

Lady Alianora from the Kingdom of Calontir gives a waterbearer's-eye-view of a glorious battle at Gulf Wars XIII.

Colonial House Comes to PBS

The latest in the series of PBS programs about life in historical settings will find 28 "colonists" living and sharing experiences of life in 1628.

Local Event Site of Alien Autopsy -- Did BoD Cover Up Story?

Allegations are flying, and tempers are flaring, as the Board of Directors still has issued no statement on the incident.'s Senior Anomaly Correspondent, Dexter Sinister, reveals this puzzling story.

A&S Report of the Fool, April 1

Legio Draconis, the Midrealm's unoffocial blog/newswire for the Arts Martial, has the scoop on a "report" by the Society Minister of A&S, Mistress Rowena.

The Viking Legacy Comes to Philadelphia

The Leif Ericson Society and the American Swedish Historical Museum will co-sponsor "The Viking Legacy: A Symposium About Viking History, Culture and Contributions to World Civilization" to be held in Philadelphia on Saturday, April 24th, 2004.

Soothsayers' Guild to Change Leadership

The Soothsayers' Guild of the East Kingdom will have new leadership when Baroness Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys ap Gwynedd steps down after many years of service.

More Photos from Calontir's Chieftains Online

More professional photographs from Calontir's Chieftains event are now available on photographer Don Adams's website.

Pond Construction Unearths Roman Treasure

A man digging a fishpond in his back garden in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, England, was amazed to find a treasure hoard of 20,000 4th century Roman coins.

Decay and Glory: Back to Byzantium

NY Times: The NY Times provides a detailed scholarly review of the exhibit "Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261-1557)", currently displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Avebury Archaeologists Wary of Stonehenge Tunnel

Salisbury Journal: Representatives of the Avebury Society believe that the proposed tunnel under Stonehenge would cause visitors to overlook a major portion of the historic site.

Fire Damages 12th Century Monastery

A fire at Greece's 12th century Serbian Orthodox Hilandariou Monastery destroyed parts of the monks living quarters but spared the monastery's collection of relics, manuscripts and icons.

New Exhibit on Byzantium at the Met

"Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261-1557)" will be on display at the Tisch Galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art through July 4, 2004.

Teaching Classes at Pennsic War 33

Mistress Chai'usun, who is in charge of this year's A&S class scheduling for Pennsic, is still seeking instructors to register for class sessions.

Vampire-Slaying, Romanian Style

Akron Beacon Journal: Shades of Buffy! Villagers in a remote area of Romania dug up the body of Toma Petre, one of their own, in an effort to keep him from becoming a vampire.

Ayreshire Village May be Oldest in Scotland

Scotland Today: Archaeologists may deteremine that Dregnorn near Irvine is the oldest continuously-occupied village in Scotland.

Top Ten Reasons to Join the SCA

An anonymous Lochac source has posted the Top Ten Reasons to Join the SCA on the Lochac listserve.

Drachenwald Crown Tourney Photos Online

Raphe Cuthbert of the Shire of West Dragonshire has announced that photos from the recent Drachenwald Crown Tournament are now available online.

Bog Butter?

Nature: Researchers have long wondered about deposits of fat or "Bog Butter" found in Scottish swamps. Now they believe they know what these are.

Japanese Arts Workshops and Classes Planned for Pennsic 33

Solveig Throndardottir will be offering three week-long intensive workshops and three short classes at Pennsic this summer, focusing on Japanese culture, arts, and history.

Newest Subject Arrives in An Tir

The Kingdom of An Tir has increased by one with the birth of Brieanna Alexis, born March 26, 2004 in Vancouver, WA.

A Calontir Warrior Reports on Gulf Wars

Marcus de la Forest from the Kingdom of Calontir puts thoughts to paper (or at least bits to ether) in a report on the recent Gulf Wars XIII.

Details from March 27 Schragger Pre-trial Hearing

Morning Call: The "Morning Call", a newspaper located in the area where the trial is taking place, has published a more detailed article on Friday's hearing.

Pittsburgh Universities Create Medieval and Renaissance Consortium

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, along with other area educational institutions, has announced the creation of the Consortium For Medevial and Renaissance Studies.

Children Testify in Sex Abuse Case ABC Action News coverage of the preliminary hearing for Benjamin Schragger, the SCA youth leader accused of molesting several teenagers.

SCA Participants Wage Battle for the Crown

Roswell Record: A local newspaper chronicled the latest Outlands Crown Tournament, and the article is available on the paper's web archive.

Rune Stone Prompts Speculation on Vikings in Scotland

Courier: A runic inscription found in Dalgety Bay near Fife, Scotland has archaeologists speculating on Viking settlements in the area.

New Book on St. Patrick Reviewed

Christian Science Monitor: J. Morgan Sweeney, professor of Irish History at Michigan State, reviews a new work on Ireland's most famous saint.

"Twilight of the Romans" in "Hadrian's Wall"

Seattle Times: Romans meet Celts in William Dietrich's new novel, "Hadrian's Wall." Read a review by Skye K. Moody.