New Research May Help Solve Riddle of the Kensington Runestone

Seattle Post Intelligencer: New 19th century documents may prove, once and for all, whether Minnesota's Kensington Runestone is authentic or a hoax.

9th Century Corgi May Have Been Royal Favorite

The bones of a dog, which might have been a Corgi, have researchers speculating about royal pets.

Augsburg College Takes Interdisciplinary Approach to Medieval Studies

MPR: Thirty freshmen in a Medieval Connections class at Augsburg College in Minneapolis are "pretending to be students in a medieval class learning about medieval students in a university."

Road Builders Unearth Byzantine Community

International Herald Tribune: Excavation for a new interchange on Israel's coastal highway has led to the discovery of a 5-6th century Byzantine Christian community.

Calontir's Myths & Legends Autocrat Announces Site Change

Caitilin inghean Aohda, Co-Autocrat for Calontir's Myths & Legends event to take place May 8, 2004 in Loch Meadhonach in the Kingdom of Calontir, has announced a change of sites.

Warrior's Grave May Lead to Druid Discoveries

Last year's discovery of the 2000-year-old grave of a warrior may lead to more finds, including, archaeologists hope, an ancient Druid holy site.

Who's Buried in Petrarch's Tomb?

Tests on the remains in Petrarch's tomb show that the skull was replaced by a woman's, researchers reported Thursday.

Drachenwald Adds Another New Shire

Barcsi Janos, Chatelain and New Groups Coordinator, has announced the formation of another new group in Drachenwald: Blauwasser.

Regalis Universtias Merdies

Event: The Shire of An Dun Thiene, along with the Chancellors of The Royal University of Meridies, presents Regalis Universitas Meridies (RUM).

Tina Chancey to Join Blackmore's Night

Early muscian Tina Chancey, known to many in the Kingdom of Atlantia, will become the newest member of Renaissance rock band Blackmore's Night. staff reporter Karen Larsdatter has the details.

The Field Battle for Rapier, Gulf Wars XIII

Battered Blade: "Ansteorra, the Texan kingdom, had won every contested field battle in every war. There seemed little chance of unseating the reigning champions, but we had hopes..."

Chester's Roman Amphitheatre to be Unearthed

Daily Post: A three-year project to excavate Chester's Roman amphitheatre has begun, with hopes of attracting forty thousand visitors a year.

Crown Tourney List Announced for Northshield

Participants for the first Crown Tournament of the soon-to-be Kingdom of Northshield have been announced.

Get Thee to a Nunnery

This week Dame Aoife provides links for websites dealing with holy orders and monasteries.

�helmearc Mourns Passing of Mistress Michaele del Vaga

Mistress Michaele del Vaga, recently recognized with an Augmentation of Arms for her effort on behalf of the SCA, has died after a long illness.

Roman Weapons Dump a "Sensational Find"

Archaeologists working near G

"Music of Germany" at the Amherst Early Music Festival

Goldberg: This year's Amherst Early Music Festival, to take place July 11-18 and July 18-25 at Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont, will feature workshops and concerts on music and dance of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Jousting Still State Sport, Say Marylanders

WTOP: Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller wants to make lacrosse the state sport, ousting joursting from the position, but it hasn't happened yet.

More Photos from Caid Crown Tournament

Kolfinna kottr, from the Barony of Dun Or, has posted her photos from Caid's recent Crown Tournament on her web site.

Caid Crown Tournament Results and Photos

Sir Brand Armond of Lancaster defeated Duke Dietrich von Vogelsang in the finals of Crown Tournament to become Caid's new Crown Prince.

Great Western War VIII Approaching

The Event Stewards for Great Western War VIII have announced that this year's war will take place October 6-11 2004 in the Kingdom of Caid.

Bagpipes Skirl in Iraq

AP: Marine 1st Sgt. Dwayne Farr has a unique way of keeping up morale in Iraq: he plays his bagpipes!

Medieval Mary Kay

This week Dame Aoife makes the medieval world a more glamorous place with a list of links pertaining to medieval cosmetics and perfume.

Australian Legislators Continue to Debate Sword Issue

Master Delbert von Strassburg, Seneschal of the Kingdom of Lochac, has addressed the continuing issue of the legality of carrying swords in Lochac in a recent post to the Lochac list.

Will Jousting No Longer Be State Sport of Maryland?

Maryland Newsline: The State Legislature of Maryland is considering changing the state sport from jousting to lacrosse.

Christening Spoon Found in Grave of Saxon King

News.telegraph: A christening spoon was among the artifacts discovered recently in the burial chamber of an early Christian Saxon king near Southend-on-Sea, England.

Fairy Tale Castle on Display in Chicago

A miniature castle created by Colleen Moore is on display at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.

Elizabeth I - Ruler and Legend

The Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois, has created an online exhibit which explores the life and reign of Elizabeth I of England.

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

So, what sound does a Cornamuse make? And is a Lizard a musical instrument? Find out the answers to these questions, and see more examples of Medieval and Renaissance musical instruments, on this web site offered by Musica Antiqua.

Shakespeare's Will Included in Million Online

London Times: The British National Archives has announced that it will place one million wills from the last thousand years online, including Shakespeare's famous "second-best bed" bequest.