[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighterpractice

Greetings! It's time for the next NFFP, We hope to see many of you there.

26.10. - 28.10.2007 The Shires of Two Seas, Baerenau and Aventiure, Germany

We invite all fighthers from far and wide to take part in the third round of the Northern Frankmark Fighterpractice. We hope that many of you will join us to teach fighting and to improve your skills.

For the Fighter Practice :
25554 Nortorf bei Wilster.

Follow the A23 to Itzehoe West, take the Exit and drive towards Brunsbuettel for 15 km, take the exit Glueckstadt from there follow the signs.

Visitors from far away can arrive at the 26.10.2007 we will provide crash Space .

Please bring your own air-matress and bedding.

There are Animals at the Site (Dog and Cats), please be careful of allergies.

There will be a fee for food of 10 Euro
Please bring your own drinks and contact for any food allergies.

Reservation: Lady Griseldis Partheymueller For reservations please contact lady_griseldis@web.de

Event Steward / Sileas von Biuira e-Mail: sileasvonbiuira@arcor.de Location:
Shires of Two Seas, Baerenau and Aventiure (Glueckstadt, Germany)