Estrella WarXXIV: Want to pay the least $$ to attend??

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, Acting Kingdom Media Officer for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, shares information on pre-registration for Estrella War XXIV

Her Grace writes:

This is a quick reminder from the event coordinators for Estrella War XXIV (Feb 12-18, 2008) that the deadline for DISCOUNTED pre-registrations is October 31, 2007. Pre-registration allows attendees to pay their entrance fees by mail or online before arriving at Estrella War XXIV. Pre-registered attendees can choose to pay for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday arrival at Estrella War XXIV.

Here's how the fees work out:

  • People who pre-register by October 31, 2007 pay $10 less per person than the GENERAL ADMISSION fees charged when you arrive at the event.

  • People who pre-register by January 31, 2008 pay $5 less per person than the GENERAL ADMISSION fees charged when you arrive at the event.

So if you want to save money and get the MOST DISCOUNTED SITE FEE to get into Estrella War XXIV, your online or mailed pre-registration must be completed no later than October 31, 2007.

Paying your site fees with pre-registration has a number of other benefits besides the savings in cost, including:

  1. Those who pre-register for a Tuesday arrival are admitted one day earlier than those who pay General Admission.

  2. The front gate/troll only accepts cash and traveler's checks. Pre-registration fees may be paid by check or money order when they are mailed, or with a Mastercard or Visa when they are done on-line.

  3. Pre-registered attendees are given first access to Reserved Parking and Dry RV Parking.

  4. The pre-registration line at the front gate/troll is generally far shorter (and moves much faster) than the General Admission line.

Many questions about pre-registration are answered on the event website, or you can direct inquiries to the Estrella War Registrar at pennydowell@ [OMIT SPACES].

The Estrella War website ( has a wealth of information about the Estrella War XXIV to be held Feb 12 - 18, 2008 at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence, AZ. If you're considering scheduling a winter vacation to attend the event next year, your planning should start with looking at the new Estrella War website!

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, OP (Katie Richardson
Acting Kingdom Media Officer, Kingdom of Atenveldt
ESTRELLA WAR XXIV (Feb 12-18, 2008)
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