[DRA] Summer's Last Stand III

It is that time again. Lady Autumn has returned to hold the peace between Lady Summer and Lady Winter. However, everyone knows that the seasons must change - it is just a matter of when. The Stronghold of Nebelwald invites you to join us as we prepare for the battle that will determine how much longer summer will last.

This seasonally-themed event should find something for everyone - use your wits, might, and/or creativity to earn points for your season. Participants can earn points by taking part in the Mythical Quest, Best Seasonal Recipe, Bardic Competition, and Most Seasonal Mask, as well as a variety of seasonally-themed heavy and light tourneys. There will be a chance to take part in classes, display A&S projects, and/or simply enjoy visiting with friends. Be sure to come prepared for the Masked Feast and Ball where contest winners and Seasonal Change will be announced! Those interested in entering a recipe, teaching a class, or portraying a Lady (enter season here), please contact the Steward as soon as possible

Countess EzaBella Allyot
Lord Thorald Skegglauss

Marshal in Charge:
Eorl Sir Giles of Redhuegh

Lord Robyn of Rye

Reservations: Lord Thorald Skegglauss

Berggasthof Maierhof
Brunnlettberg 26
Schmidmuehlen, Germany, 92287

As a condition of using this site, all drinks must be purchased from the Berggasthof Maierhof.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS. Request for beverages may be made by contacting the Steward. There is a shower on site and indoor crash space. Tenting may be available for the truly hardy amongst us - let the Event Steward know if you are interested. Requests for information on local hotels can be directed to the Steward.

Weekend: EU20 (includes all meals)
Daytrip On-board: EU15 (includes lunch and feast)
Daytrip: NO Feast: EU7 (includes lunch)
Children: Ages 4-12 years are 1/2 price; ages 3 years & under are free
(Family maximum is EU40)

Make your best route to A6 in the direction of Amberg and the Czech border. When you reach Amberg, take the Amberg S��d exit and turn right. Continue to Schmidm��hlen. As soon as you enter the city limits of Schmidm��hlen, make the first right turn. Go straight through town. After you pass the city limits sign, take the first right turn. As you come to the Y intersection, be sure you take the right fork. As you drive up the hill you will see a new housing development and the American housing area just after that. Drive past these to the T-intersection and turn right. Approximately 100 meters further on the left you will see the Berggasthof Maierhof. SCA signs will be posted for your convenience.

If you plan to come by train, the nearest station is Amberg. Please let the Steward know in advance of your arrival plans as it may be possible to arrange transportation to the site. Travelers arriving during the event will have to wait until someone is free to come to the bahnhof. Advance notice of arrival time is strongly encouraged and appreciated. Location:
Stronghold of Nebelwald (Schmidmuelen Germany)