[ART] Artemisia Crown Tourney

The burgeoning Shire of Arrows' Flight will host Crown Tourney on October 13, 2007, at the beautiful and renowned Castle Amphitheater at the Utah State Hospital.

If you wish to compete in Crown Tourney, letters of intent must be sent to HRH Gareth no later than September 15 (hard copies please). Please include a letter of intent and an entrant form (available on the kingdom website). Their Highnesses have also requested that each entrant and consort have a heraldic banner to display their device during the tourney.

Lunch will be served on site as a Kingdom fundraiser. Her Excellency Casamira will be preparing a wonderful feast. The shire will also be hostimg a bake sale to benefit m’lord Roibeard’s family (donations welcome). Please watch the aerie and Arrows’ Flight’s website for details.

War practice and melee scenarios will take place on Sunday. If you have been to this site before, you know how much fun it is to fight on the castle.

Site opens at 9:00 am on Saturday and closes at 5:00 pm on Sunday. Pets are allowed on site with leashes and responsible owners. Fires are allowed in existing fire pits only. This is a dry site, as it is owned by the State of Utah. Those who visibly and obviously disregard this rule will be asked to leave.

Site Fees:
$8 adults, $4 children 6-15, 0-5 free, family cap $24 (immediate family only), non-member surcharges apply. Make checks payable to: Arrows' Flight, SCA Inc.

Feast Fees:
$8 adults, $4 children 6-15, 0-5 free. Feast is pre-pay only and must be postmarked by September 29. Feast will be capped at 100. Make checks payable to: Arrows’ Flight, SCA Inc.

Take your best route to I-15 exit 265 (eastbound Center St) in Provo, Utah, (not Orem). Follow the road all the way to the east end of Center Street. Stay to your right up through the hospital grounds. Take a left at the planter when you reach the hospital, then a right in the parking lot and up the hill. There will be signs.

You may unload at the top of the hill, but you must park in the parking lots. DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD BY THE FIELD OR BLOCK ANY ROADWAY. The hospital security vehicle must have full access around the site at all times. If you need assistance parking or a shuttle from the parking area, please talk to the shire parking vigilantes, and we will do everything possible to accommodate you. If you disregard parking instructions, the horde of pictsies will "Viking" your vehicle.

A list of nearby hotels will be posted to both the Kingdom and shire websites, or you may contact HL Ellisif (see below). There is camping available on Friday and Saturday night. Friday set-up is by appointment only. If you wish to set up on Friday, please contact Lady Kadrina with your arrival time (see below). Some crash space is also available.

Merchants are welcome. Please contact Ellisif to reserve your space. There will be no merchant fee.

Lady Kadrina Tanskalainen (Karina Tucker), tuckerka@hotmail.com

THL Ellisif sleggja elsbet1@yahoo.com
Lady Allegretza il Panettiera (Angi Zentz) allegretza@yahoo.com
Lord Michael McCranney

http://www.arrows-flight.org/Crown.php Location:
Shire of Arrows' Flight (Provo, Utah)