[EAS]East Kingdom Coronation

The Barony of Bhakail, with the kind cooperation of the Shire of Caer Adamant, will host the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Andreas & Gabriella.

Initial planned activities for the day currently include a tournament, the details for the tournament may be found below, and an A&S exhibit which, to honor the day, will have a Germanic theme. Dance will be taught and led by Arglwydd Dafydd Cyhoeddwyr with music provided by the Bhakaili Branslers.

A dayboard for all by Maistreas Shannon Gallowglass will be followed later that evening by a feast created by Baroness Juliana von Altenfeld and Bran ap Rees.

A Tournament will be held for the pleasure of His Grace, Sir Andreas and his Queen, Gabriella at their Coronation. This tournament will consist of a series of bouts as follows:

  • One fighter armed with a great sword will stand at each end of the list, at his gate – a space so designated by the Marshal. Behind him will be two additional fighters armed with any other weapons forms, so long as they are not great swords. The three fighters thereby form a contingent.

  • Each of the two contingents guard a bar of the King's gold which rests on the ground within their gates. The object of each bout is to take the opponent's bar of gold and carry it back to one's own gate.

  • During the bout, any number of fighters from each contingent may advance upon their opponent's gate, or not, as they choose.

  • Any fighter may pick up the opposing contingent's bar of gold as long as the fighter is properly armored with full gauntlets.

  • Fighters may not pick up their own bars of gold while they sit on the ground within their own gates. However, after a bar of gold has been carried out of their gates by a fighter from the opposing contingent, a fighter may wrest it back, before it is delivered to the opposing contingent's gate.

  • The fighters brandishing great swords represent mounted Germanic Knights, and as such require three killing strikes to bring them down. Fighters using all other weapons forms require one killing strike to be deemed dead.

  • When an opponent's bar of gold has been successfully moved to a contingent's gate, the bout is ended. All fighters in that contingent who have survived will be given one point. The fighters in the losing contingent will receive no points for the bout.

  • Fighters may form contingents as they wish, and fight in as many bouts as they are able to. The tournament will proceed for two hours. At the end of that time, the fighter with the most points wins.

  • If there is a tie, each tying fighter will fight one of the mounted Germanic Knights who may volunteer to stand in, for one-on-one, sudden death rounds. Again, the mounted Germanic Knights will require three killing strikes to be considered vanquished. The fighter who survives these rounds will be declared the winner.

Note: the Marshal may amend these rules or add new rules at any time prior to or during the tournament, as seems appropriate.

We look forward to an exciting day of pageantry and battle.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the autocrat directly.

The site is dry and handicapped accessible.

Look at a map. Seriously. The site is on route 141 in Delaware. It is just south of Wilmington. From the north, take I-95 South and then get onto route I-495. Take the exit for Route 141 South which will happen just as 495 becomes 95 again. Follow from *

From the South, take I95 north to the exit for Route 141 South. Follow from *

* Once on Delaware Route 141 South proceed until you are just past the New Castle Airport. The site will be on your left. You will need to pass the site and make a U turn at the next light. Please note that it is illegal in Delaware to post the SCA directional signs we all know and love. They will not be out.

At-a-Glance Event Information

Asbury United Methodist Church
300 E. Basin Rd.
New Castle, DE 19720

Site Opens: 10:00 AM
Site Closes: 10:00 PM

Event Fees:
Site : The only reservation is a a paid reservation.
Those pre registering for this glorious day should pay heed to the following fee structure.
Adults age 18 and up: $10.00
Teens ages 12 to 17: $7.00
Children 4 to 11: $5.00

At the door the fees are:
Adult: $12.00
Teen: $9.00
Child: $7.00.

Non member adults please add $3.00 to your site fee.

The deadline for pre registration is Sept. 22, 2007.

The cost of the wonderous feast for the first 250 gentles is as follows:
Adults age 18 and up $8.00.
Teens ages 12 to 17 $8.00.
Children 4 to 11 $6.00.

The deadline for the feast is also Sept.22, 2007. The dayboard is included in your site fee.

Send Reservations to: Master Lorcan Dracontius lorcan@dracontius.net.

Please note the cancellation policy: Cancellation requests received for pre- registrations will be honored in full if received no later than Sept 22, 2007.

Lord Calogero Urso coronation@bhakail.eastkingdom.org

Other Contact Information:
Merchants will be most welcome and should plan on setting up on the spacious grounds of the site. Merchants should confirm their presence to Lord Christopher Jameson at webmaster@bhakail.eastkingdom.org no later than Sept. 22, 2007.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc - Barony of Bhakail Location:
Barony of Bhakail (New Castle, Delaware)