AEthelmearc Rose Tournament Offers Hounds and Chivalry

Her Ladyship Leonora of the Willows, who served as Mistress of the List, reports on the recent Rose Tourney and gathering of the hounds. THL Leonora writes:
This Saturday was the Third Rose Royal Invitational tournament.

I do not have the wonderful words that Her Grace Dorinda has, but as she was not present, I will try to describe some of the day. The weather was beautiful, with the sun shining and a slight breeze blowing. A perfect day for fighting!

Before the tournament began, the hounds of Aethelmearc were presented to Their Majesties and the populace, what a wonderful gathering of hounds. There were hounds of all shapes and sizes. It was truly a sight to see.

The participants in the tournament were: Duke Sir Morguhn Sheridan, Duke Sir James Ahern, Earl Sir Yngvar the Dismal, Sir Sextus Plinius Calladus, Sir Murdoch Bayne, THL Kai Saer Pren, THL Aengus McBain,Baron Hamish MacLeod, Baron Daniel Lightfoot, Baron Rian Gortyroyan, Lord Duncan Von Halstren, Lord Vladisla Nikolivich, Lord Wolfgang (sorry, you last name got truncated on my forms),Lord Marduke Inchmertyn, William Fitzwilliam, Alwin the Silent, (Lord) Marcus Van Bergen.

There were many feats of chivalry and honorable bouts througout. The words were what struck me the most. There was a friendly and entertaining fight between Earl Sir Yngvar and THL Aengus, followed by a question about the joy of the hunt. Duke Sir James and Sir Murdoch spoke on Leadership and fatherhood. Duke Sir Morguhn and Lord Duncan spoke on Pride and the Lion versus the Unicorn. Baron Hamish and Lord Wolfgang discussed points of honor. Lord Vladisla and THL Aengus fought a bout with words , discussing why the Rose Royal Tournaments are Glorious. Baron Hamish, the warrior poet, spoke on the spirit of the dream. William inpressed the gallery with his skill and enthusiasm in a bout against Earl Sir Yngvar. The winner of the skill portion of the tournament was Duke Sir Morguhn Sheridan, and the winner by acclimation of the gallery was Lord Vladisla Nikolicih. Those invited to return to the next Rose Royal invitational tournamet were Duke Sir James Ahern, Earl Sir Yngvar the Dismal, and THL Aengus McBain.

As the Mistress of the Lists for each one of these tournaments, I have been blessed with a front row seat. (Thank you your Majesty for the pleasure!) I must say that I have been impressed with the skill both in word and action each time. I have been moved to tears by beautiful words, awestruck with the honorable behavior on the field, and left each field with a smile on my face and in my heart. Remember the first portion of each tournament is open to all who wish to participate. The Ladies of the Rose have been gracious and opened thier galleries to the consorts and other audience members at each tournament as well. Some of the best questions have come from those who have no consort on the field. I have heard from audience members "This is the way it should be!" more than once. If the opportunity arises, make your way to "Honor and Chivalry" in St Swithins Bog, July 18 -20, or "Summers End"in Beau Fleuve September 13 and witness the beauty of the Rose Royal Invitational tournaments!

Respectfully submitted,

THL Leonora of the Willows