[ANT]Kingdom of An Tir Twelfth Night

Their Majesties of An Tir invite one and all to join Them in celebrating this most glorious of holidays, Twelfth Night hosted by the beautiful Barony of lion's Gate January 11-13, 2008.

Event & Site Information
Aston Pacific Inn Resort Hotel & Conference Centre
1160 King George Highway
White Rock/South Surrey, BC, Canada

Check-in begins at 3pm, Friday Jan. 11, 2008.
Check-out is at 11am Sunday Jan 13, 2008.

VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS NEEDED & GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, or visit Gate to sign-up to help somewhere with something...

If traveling from the USA, please be sure to bring valid ID/Passport/Proof of Citizenship for for all persons crossing the border into Canada, and more importantly, for crossing back into the USA. And please check the Canadian Firearms information at the bottom of the page.

Site Rules and Regulations:
Please read the site handout for general site rules and policies upon arrival, especially in case of changes. Copies of the site handout will be available when you check in at Gate.

Minors, those under the age of 18 in BC, MUST be accompanied by a Parent or appointed Guardian for the duration of the event and MUST have signed waivers from a Parent or Legal Guardian on their person at all times while attending the event. Minors arriving without Parent or Guardian and/or without signed waivers will not be allowed to remain.

No animals allowed in the public areas, other than "working" dogs (ie: Seeing Eye Dogs etc.). All other animals must be left in room (if you have a room allowing pets) if you choose to bring them along.

Smoking is allowed in designated areas only and in designated smoking rooms only. There is no smoking allowed in any public areas** of the hotel or in any public building in B.C. in general. Please also be aware that the law in Canada states that there is no smoking within a 20ft radius of all entryways. Sensitive people and plants inside. Please dispose of butts in appropriate receptacles only.

No weapons are allowed unsecured in any public areas**. Peace knots on your weapons must be worn in public. Such items can be a part of garb but individuals are not allowed to bring them out of their covers or sheaths at any time in any of the public areas.

No weapons of any kind are allowed in the hotel lounge/bar. Please leave your weapons in your room if you may go into the lounge. Please remember any belt or boot knives as well.

No Alcohol allowed outside of rooms or designated areas. Alcohol in the social areas MUST be in period containers please (no bottles, cans etc).

**The public areas as designated include such spaces as: The main lobby, pool area and all walkways to and from guest rooms and meeting rooms.

Viscountess Bernadette says: "Open season on Canadians is officially closed. Please leave your firearms at home." Be aware that it is against the Laws of Canada to carry any firearms in, or into, Canada without a valid CANADIAN firearms permit. The 2nd, 4th & 5th Amendments of the 'US Bill Of Rights' ends, and US Firearm permits become invalid at the Canada/US border. American gun laws do not apply in Canada. Your vehicle may be searched without your consent, all firearms will be confiscated, vehicle may be impounded, entry into Canada may be denied, and arrest and prosecution under the law may result. LEAVE YOUR FIREARMS AT HOME!!!

For more information on Canadian Gun Laws for Visitors and Non-Residents, please visit the Canada Firearms Centre website.

http://www.lionsgate.antir.sca.org/events/12thNight2008/index.html Location:
Barony of Lion's Gate (White Rock, British Columbia)