"Sinbad" Movie Loses Arab Roots

National Geographic: The new animated "Sinbad" movie may delight children but it is not a delight to those familiar with "The Arabian Nights." Stefan Lovgren, writing for National Geographic news finds the new animated film "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas" to be lacking something: its Arabic roots. The story is about a sailor, born in Baghdad, who sails the seven seas having adventures and misfortunes. That much of the tale holds true, but little more, according to Lovgren.

The original "1001 Nights" or the "Arabian Nights" date back to the 10th century but they are a literary mystery whose origins are not known. The tales are dark and somewhat adult, which probably led producers of the movie to shy away from the original content. This time Sinbad gets in trouble with the Goddess of Chaos for stealing the Book of Peace with the usual comic and adventurous results. It is a story not based on any of the 1001 tales but rather a new story based on Greco-Roman myth, an odd choice for a film with an Arabic hero.

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