Meet the Peers in An Tir

Dame Arwen Lioncourt invites all the citizens of An Tir to meet the Peers of the Realm at the Coronation of Their Highnesses Gunnarr and Gabrielle July 18, 2003 in Blatha An Oir. Dame Arwen writes:
Greetings from the assembled peerages of the Kingdom of AnTir:

We would like to invite one and all to a meeting to get to know us better at July Coronation. The meeting will take place Sunday morning from 8:00 am - 10:00 am in the Crickstow-on-Sea pavillion on the eric. It's early, but it was the best time to catch the most people....

Please feel free to ask us questions about how to: get more involved in the SCA, find a mentor, learn a new skill, write a recommendation letter, and anything else you can think of!

Many people in the populace (peers included) have been lamenting aobut the lack of recommendation letters going to the crown and peerage orders, so we'll have paper and pens available so people can write letters right then and there if they are so inspired.

The meeting is an open format, so the conversations can go in any direction. We are hoping that you will join us and enjoy yourselves!!!

We will have some breakfast-type refreshments, but please feel free to bring something to share if you would like. We hope to see you there!!!

If you have any questions, please contact Dame Arwen Lioncourt OP at .

Please feel free to cross-post to local lists. Everyone is invited!!!

In Service,

Dame Arwen Lioncourt OP
Lioncourt Manor
Three Mountains