Combatants for Northshield Crown Tourney announced

Their Majesties Hagan and Eilis of the Kingdom of Northshield have announced the list of combatants and consorts for Their upcoming Crown Tournament which will take place October 13, 2007 in Noiregarde (Lead, South Dakota).

Their Majesties write:

Greetings unto the great People of Northshield
We proudly give you Our list of combatants and consorts for Our Crown Tourney
  • Lord Daminao Cioli del Castello di Linari for Lady Alinore Wyndover
  • Lord Ciaran Mac Martin for Lady Thora Hrafnsteinn Ornolfsdottir
  • Lord Jacques-Louis Defroi for Lady Sorcha Inghean Maille
  • THL Stephen du Bois for Lady Ailleanne Ingen Faelin
  • The Honorable Lord Murdoch Mcarthur for Lady Katlin Laurana Sewall
  • The Honorable Lord Evan Jons for Viscountess Elashava bas Riva
  • The Honorable Lord Geoffrey de la Brugge for Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville
  • The Honorable Lord Yngvar Inn Heppni for The Honorable Lady Kolbrunna Gisladottir
  • The Honorable Lord Lyulf Angus MacDougall for Lady Taryn Maeve MacTavish
  • The Honorable Lord Vladimir Radescu for The Honorable Lady Petranella FitzAllen of Weston
  • Baron Geoffrey Storm for Lady Marfa Storm
  • Baron Kindorn Broadbelt for Mistress Cassandra of the Western Green
  • Vicomes Gaius Niklos Aurelius Luctator for Viscountess Aramanthra the Vicious
  • Count Lars Wolfsblut for Countess Mary of Carrigart
For the Good of the Land!

Hagan and Eilis, King and Queen