Discovery Channel's "Moments In Time" Series: Plague as Germ Warfare?

The Discovery Channel's "Moments In Time" series will feature an episode on the Plague, "Curse of the Rat," in which archaeologists will discuss the Black Death and bubonic plague, and raises the question as to whether an early form of bioterrorism might have been responsible for the spread of the disease. The program, which will air on July 16, 17, and 19, also has a related Flash-based webpage at

Hey, 300-500 years before germ theory and we have BIOTERRORISM!!

Friends: Of course, as *everyone* knows, when they think about it, the Plague victims had absolutely no idea what hit them. In fear of the Devil bringing on the Plague, they slaughtered the cats that could have reduced the rat populations. They bled themselves dry to balance the humors. They stuck their heads in flowers to avoid the bad air that spread the disease. And someone working under these assumptions decided to engage in germ warfare. The Germ Theory of disease begins with Lewenhok and the development of optics small enough to *see* lil' buggers, and gradually gains support during Pasteur's push for it in the late 1700s. And it was an uphill battle to replace belief and folklore with science. Don't forget your history when watching those history shows. david/Aleksandr