A New Pelican is made in Meridies

As the beams from heaven shone upon the regal crowns of Meridies, Master Alexander Ravenscroft opened court for TRM Boru and Deirdre, summoning the Order of the Pelican and the populace of Meridies to gather for the elevation of THLady Aislinn Chaomhanach the morning of September 8, 2007.

As the crowd, standing atop the batteries of Fort Gaines, overlooked the Gulf coast, THLady Aislinn Chaomhanach was processed in, accompanied by the chanting of "Kyrie Eleison" by Master Gareth of Gwynedd. As Aislinn stood before TRM, Mistress Bronwen released her from her oath. Then followed the shared words of Countess Hanna, Sir Griffin O'Suaird, Mistress Derbail inghean Conchobar, and Master Kevin Eriol.

As HRM Boru placed the medallion upon Aislinn's neck, the crowd roared, and the Crown asked for her fellow peers to welcome her into Order of the Pelican.

Hurrah!!! to a most worthy lady.