Thief caught thanks to SCA vigilance

Duke Sir Tjorkill of the Kingdom of An Tir reports that early in September, his shed was broken into and several valuable possesions, including boots and a sword were stolen. This story has a happy ending thanks to the diligence of some SCA members.

On September 6, 2007 the following was forwarded to the An Tir Principality lists:

Sorry for this notice on the groups pages but I need to get this out.

My storage shed was broken into Fri. or Sat. night and they took, among other things, my custom made SCA boots. You know the ones, black leather, knee high, fringed boots with a red leather inlay that has my griffin burned into it. I really don't want to lose these boots as they're a reminder of my last reign as King and one of my most cherished possessions. Keep your eyes peeled at local pawn shops, eBay, craigslist, etc. as well as possibly on someones feet. I am also missing a few misc. pieces of armor and a 18 speed red and black mountain bike. Thank you for your help on this and feel free to forward this to other lists that might aid in the recovery of items.

Duke Sir Tjorkill, Lion of An Tir

On September 8, 2007, the following was posted:

Thanks to the wonderful sleuths we have in the SCA, my boots were returned to me last night. The culprit had already sold my bike and misc. tools but the item I wanted back most was still there. He had pawned my boots and sword off under a ficticious name and address and the broker saw him selling my bike and tools to someone in the parking lot and gave the descriptions to the police. Thank you again to the people who located them.


All's well that ends well thanks to quick wits.