Drachenwald Seneschal Requests Information

Etienne Fevre, Seneschal of the Kingdom of Drachenwald has requested help in compiling information pertaining to the proposed $3 non-member surcharge. Etienne Fevre, Seneschal for the Kingdom of Drachenwald, is seeking help for a study dealing with the issue of the $3.00 non-member surcharge. He has requested that gentles within the kingdom let him know A)the cost of an international money order in member countries and B)attendance figures for events held within the year, including total number attending and percentage of non-members, if such figures were kept.

Please send this information to:

Etienne Fevre (John Prendergast), Kilmurry House, Shinrone, Co. Offaly, Ireland, +353 (0)505 47378 / +353 (0)87 2244210 mobile or email to seneschal@drachenwald.sca.org