Chivalry rules at "Here There Be Dragons"

"The possibilities are endless in this alternative society meant to foster imagination and creativity. With 10 centuries (600 to 1601 [C.E.]) to research, replicate and live in, members have every reason to escape into bygone days of chivalry and adventure," writes Hannah Wiest of the Jackson (Wyoming) Star-Tribune.

Wiest attended the recent Here There Be Dragons event where she learned about honor and chivalry SCA-style from Balthazar von Knopf and Eban Littlebrother.

"Shortly after I started in the SCA, a co-worker asked me why I wanted to live in the Dark Ages," said Eban, the group's Seneschal, or leader. "He didn't get it. He was stuck on the lack of medicine and technology. But I told him it was because people were nicer to each other then. They respected each other."