Atenveldt Issues New Financial Policy for Feasts at Kingdom Events

The Atenveldt Kingdom Financial Committee has issued a document with guidelines for estimating feast attendance and costs for Kingdom-level event bids. The Atenveldt Kingdom Financial Committee (KFC) recently finished a study that concluded feasts often incur financial losses because of overestimation of at-the-door feast purchases, and feast reservations made prior to the event but not used. In a move aimed at reducing these cost overruns, the KFC has issued a policy that will be used in evaluating bids for Kingdom events, beginning with the November 2003 Coronation event.

The policy affects only Kingdom events, not Baronial, Shire, or College events. It also does not affect the Estrella War, according to a published letter from the Atenveldt Seneschal.

According to Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, the Atenveldt Kingdom Seneschal, "The new policy is NOT part of Kingdom Law or Kingdom Financial Policy. It is just a 'KFC Policy' that the KFC will use as a guideline when we review and approve Kingdom Event Bids."

The link above goes to a document in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The document is also linked from the Seneschals section of .