Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Tournaments Illuminated

Do you get Tournaments Illuminated? You can get the very next issue if you call Member Services BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15TH!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss: a reprint of Duke Paul of Bellatrix’s 1973 article on “Broadsword Techniques” — abridged to allow space for his new notes on how he teaches currently; “Sweet Bags and Pin Cushions” with source listings and nine patterns for making your own; the Pennsic War Report; “Merry Tales” — shall we dance, or shall we fall on the floor and call it a new step?; kingdom news from Trimaris and Artemisia; “Letters and Epistles” — how to write a truly period letter; the results from our first ‘Quest’ article — great ideas for Quick and Easy Twelfth Night gifts, and much more, including the advertisements from the merchants who cater to the SCA (because we all have to shop!).

Tournaments Illuminated is the known world-wide magazine for SCA members!

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