Robin Netherton/Laurellen de Brandevin Lecture Weekend

On Saturday, October 20, 2007 we're delighted to be hosting Robin Netherton, a researcher specializing in Western European dress of the Middle Ages.

Since 1982, she has given lectures and workshops on medieval clothing for academic audiences, historical societies, reenactment groups, and other organizations. She will be presenting the following lectures:

  • The Gothic Fitted Dress
  • The Greenland Gored Gown
  • The 15th-Century V-Neck Gown
  • When Medieval Meets Victorian: The Roots of Modern Costume Sources
  • Saintly Inspiration: Using Medieval Religious Figures for Costume Research

Sunday, October 21, we'll be graced with the creative genius of Tammy Dupuis (SCA: Laurellen de Brandevin), from The Renaissance Tailor. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Montana State University in Anthropology/Archeaology and has published articles in several costume newsletters both nationally and internationally over the last decade. She will be presenting the following lecture:

  • European Pattern Development and Dissemination from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance; Extant Evidence from the Costumers Guilds

Detailed descriptions of the lectures and registration information and forms can be found at our website:

Seating is LIMITED for this great weekend, and preregistration is required--please register early and secure your spot!

This is NOT an SCA event, and is not sponsored by any SCA branch.

Questions? Check out the website!

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