Shire of Bronzehelm Schola

The Shire of Bronzehelm is sponsoring a day of academia for all to learn more about the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The site is Hope United Methodist Church, 244 Wicks Lane, Billings, Montana

This is a *DRY* site.

Site opens at 12:00noon, and closes at 11:00pm. Classes will start at 1:00pm and run until 5:00pm

Classes are currently being scheduled and there is always room for one more scholar to share their knowledge. There is also a substantial outdoor area for martial arts instruction. Mistress Shauna is the class coordinator and may be contacted at:

Check out the class schedule at

Maistreas Caointiarn is serving a */Viking Feast/* featuring above & below the salt seating. The site will only accommodate 60 diners, so *prepaid reservations* need to be sent in by *Sept 15^th , 2007*. */The menu includes:/* cucumber relish, mushroom spread, split pea soup, Icelandic Chicken, apple turnips, alaunder of beef {or stew} juniper cabbage, fish, parsnips, honey custard, sweet haggis, poached pears. Menu may change dependent on the harvest, and fishermen's luck.

Those with special dietary /allergy concerns should contact the Head Cook.

$5.00 per adult, an additional $3.00 for non-members Children 4 -10 years are half price for site & feast, under 3 years are guests of the Shire.

Feast Fee:
$12.00 for above the salt, limited to 12 persons with teachers getting first preference. Below the salt is $6.00

Event Steward: Lady Thorkatla Bjarnidottir {Kathleen Gookin Ford}

Head Cook: Maistreas Caointiarn

Merchants are graciously welcome, and visitors from afar may contact the Autocrat for directions and crash space. Location:
Shire of Bronzehelm (Billings, Montana)