Lack of skills threatens Britain's historic buildings

Great Britain's citizens are generous with cash to protect their historic buildings, but a lack of knowledge of conservation techniques may endanger those same buildings.

Experts at English Heritage estimate that the country lacks over 6,000 skilled artisans in such trades as Stonemasonry, Steeple jacking, Dry-stone walling, Bricklaying and lime work, Lead working, Painting and decorating , Carpentry and joinery, Iron work, and Thatching

Stonemason Mike Moody, chair of the National Heritage Training Group, said, "After World War II there was a lot of movement away from building to manufacturing and processing. There was also more prefabrication of buildings. Everything became about building quickly and cheaply. On top of that, families used to stay together in the same area and skills were handed down. Later, people dispersed more, so that didn't happen."