Hallowmas of Harrowgate Heath

It began with the Celtics, who called it Samhain. In 43 A.D. the Romans conquered the Celts, and incorporated their traditions with Samhain into a two-day celebration known as Feralia and Pomona. In the 8th century, the Christian Church replaced the Roman celebrations for their own, All Saint’s Day... however, two centuries later, the celebration was called All-Hallows Eve, and the day afterwards, All Souls Day.

And so together, All Saints Eve, All Saints, and All Souls were combined into the wonderful tradition of Hallowmas.

And so, come out boils and ghouls, and join the fun and spookiness as Harrowgate Heath celebrates a period Halloween!

Winchester Arena/Community Centre
577 Main Street, Winchester, Ontario, K0C 2K0

Be note that this site has an elevator, and also ample parking!

Site opens at 12:00P.M.
Site closes at 11:00 P.M

Because this event starts a little later in the afternoon, there will be no formal lunch. However, there will be a deliciously sinister caldron of soup available at no charge!

Event Stewards
Lord Dragul Maksimov Vodnikov (Howard Richmond)

Lady Aevianna Nordengel (Melissa Richmond)

Feast Steward
Cassandra (Melanie Reasbeck)

Merchant/Reservation Steward
Tephania of Carlisle (Frances Paquette)

Please make cheques out to "SCA- Canton of Harrowgate Heath"

http://www.harrowgateheath.com/hallowmas.htm Location:
Canton of Harrowgate Heath (Winchester, Ontario)