Games Tourney

As the oppressive summer heat slowly takes its leave, Atlantia looks back on great battles won and contemplates the upcoming crusade. Yet everyone, soldier and citizen alike, needs time to rest and recover from war, time to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life. So before heading off on the next campaign, come join us for a day of relaxation and recreation at Games Tourney, Atlantia’s premier gaming event.

The Games Tournament: Join in the main event – a two-round tourney of an array of board games to test your skill, patience, and luck. In the first round, you will choose from backgammon, fanorona, twelve-man-morris, mancala, alquerques and face off against opponents of your choosing, earning points for each win. The highest scorers will move onto the second round where the games are chosen randomly for a single elimination finale. (Not familiar with these games? Look here for rules:

Chess Tournament: As always, we will have a separate tourney to satisfy that special craving of chess enthusiasts. A brutal single-elimination tournament will separate the pawns from the kings and yield a lone victor who gets bragging rights for the year – as well as a neat prize!

For the stout squires of Atlantia, we offer a special challenge: the Squires’ Chess Tournament. Show your knights that you have mastered more than the martial arts by taking on your fellow red belts in this age-old game of strategy. Prove that you are just as comfortable in a drawing room as on a battlefield and claim the title of Chess Champion.

Live Chess: Rapier fighters, we have not forgotten you. While your armored-combat cousins square off across the chessboard, you may take your places on the chessboard. Whether rook or bishop, knight or queen, as you move across the board you will do battle with other sword-wielding chess pieces to capture a square or defend your own.

Arts & Sciences Activities: There will be a dessert competition, a chance for the bakers of Atlantia to show off their skills and tempt the palates of the populace. One prize will be awarded based on the judges’ scores and another prize based on popular vote – so make sure your dessert is large enough to be sampled. Entries need not be period and documentation is not required but it is encouraged. For more information, contact Lady Debora Aurifex (

In addition, we will have several dance classes during the day. Lady Nocolosa d’Isenfir will be teaching a variety of Renaissance dances in preparation for the evening’s festivities. Also, there will be a demonstration of a variety of Middle Eastern dances, organized by Lady Saahira Nashita.

Red Mountain Inn: Feeling lucky? Care to try your hand at one of our games of chance? The Red Mountain Inn, Isenfir’s own period casino, will be running throughout the day, offering plent y of opportunities to place your bets, roll the dice, and maybe win some coin.

Children’s Activities: There will be other games and activities for kids. Weather permitting, there will be outdoor games and lots of running around like crazy.

Silent Auction: We will be hosting a silent auction to benefit the Shire coffers. Come bid on a variety of items and help Isenfir raise money for a Shire pavilion.

Feasting and Dancing: No Isenfir event is complete without too much food and plenty of dancing. You’ll be treated to a delectable feast prepared by Lord Alistair MacMillan. (Dietary concerns or questions should be directed to Lord Alistair at Afterward, there will be as much dancing as you can handle on such a full stomach.

Lunch: A simple lunch will be available for purchase for a small fee.

Adult, Member:$ 7.00 Day-Trip $ 7.00 Feast $ 0.00 Camping
Adult, Non-Member:$ 10.00 Day-Trip $ 7.00 Feast $ 0.00 Camping
Child (6-17):$ 5.00 Day-Trip $ 5.00 Feast $ 0.00 Camping
Child (0-5):$ 0.00 Day-Trip $ 0.00 Feast $ 0.00 Camping

Site: Weyer’s Cave Community Center. Site opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m.

Site Restrictions: The site is dry.

Merchants: Merchants are very welcome. Lots of indoor space, with tables and chairs, available. Please contact Lord Waian MacDonald at so we can plan accordingly.

Autocrat: Cristofana di Lorenzo

Reservations: Baron Dosso del Brachetto email: Please make checks payable to: Shire of Isenfir, SCA, Inc.

Directions: Take your best route to I-81 to exit #235 (VA-256). Travel east on Rte 256 (toward Weyers Cave/Grottoes) for approximately 1.5 miles. The community center is on the left and hard to miss.

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Shire of Isenfir (Weyer's Cave, Virginia)