Castle in Czech Republic to Open for Medieval "Immersion" Vacations

A private developer has purchased Malesov Castle, near Prague, and is restoring it with plans of offering "immersion" medieval vacations. According to the web site, Malesov Castle will open for business in the summer of 2004. Vacation packages will cost approximately US$1500 per week, per person.

The web site says, in part:

Castle Malesov will be home to a totally new form of "immersion experience" vacation; for a week or more, you can live as a 15th century person did - wear the same clothes, eat the same kind of food, learn 15th century crafts, all in an environment that many have only dreamed of... a real Medieval castle!

The developers are trying to guage interest in the project, and they are requesting that interested gentles email them at with comments and suggestions.

Editor's note: As of this writing, access to the web site was sporadic due to technical problems. If the URL fails, try again later.

Thanks to Raffaelle for posting this link on the Atenveldt list.