Evening with the Sultan of Malwa

Their Excellencies Carrick and Katherina of Caer Galen invite you to join them as they visit the Sultan of Malwa, Nasir ud Din, in his capital city of Mandu, often called Shadiabad, the City of Joy for a day of exciting events and fabulous food.

The year is 1505 AD, and the city of Mandu is renowned through out India as a place of learning, beauty and art. The famed book Ni’matnama “The Sultan’s Book of Delights”, has finally been shown to the public. Commissioned by the Sultan’s father, Ghiyath ud Din and finished by Sultan Nasir ud Din after his father’s death, the book lists many of Ghityath ud Din’s favorite foods, scents and advice on living. Come join with Their Excellencies as they sample some of the recipes from the Ni’matnma and enjoy the pleasures of the court of the Sultan.

The court of the Sultan follows the traditions of Islam. Therefore, Her Excellency must have female guards for the occasion, least there be any stain on her honor in the eyes of the court of the Sultan. Therefore, there will be two tournaments, one light, one heavy for female fighters only to choose Her Excellency’s guards for the day.

To add to the excitement of the day, the traditional Caer Galen Midwinter activities will be held. There will be a tournament to allow Their Excellencies to choose the new Captain of the Guard. If you dare (and have signed your waiver) Caer Galen Musical Chairs will be once again allow Outlanders to test their mettle against all comers. The election of the Harp of Caer Galen will also be held.

To add to the excitement of the day, it is time once again for Caer Galenites to elect the Doge! In true Caer Galen fashion, you will need to bring cash (preferably in small unmarked bills) or check to have your vote counted.

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