Drachenwald Kingdom University

The Barony of Knight's Crossing invites you to Drachenwald's annual Kingdom University, where we will gather to share and expand our knowledge in sundry subjects. To this end, we have arranged to use one of the Baron's lovely manor estates, the Petershof, located in the heart of the beautiful Odenwald.

For questions regarding classes, schedules and teaching please contact the Kingdom University Chancellor Lady Jeanne la sarrasine de Montevilliers.

Arts & Sciences Competition:
At this event the annual Kingdom Arts & Science Competition will have its exciting finale. Further details will be provided by the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.

Ball and Revel:
The Lord Alexander, dread, yet refined Baron of Knights Crossing, invites one and all to a revel to celebrate a day of learning. Amongst the dances will be the Drachenwald Top Ten dances, which can be found here. For any questions, please contact Mistress Judith de Northumbria.

We will supply a dinner on Friday night, breakfast, lunch and Feast on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. Please let us know in advance about any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

The street address is:
Talweg 5
64711 Erbuch, Germany

There are bunk beds available, but please bring all your own bed linens. Guests traveling by plane please ask for special arrangements for bedding.

Site opens at 16:00 on Friday and closes on 12:00 on Sunday.

The site has sanitary facilities which include several showers for both genders. Unfortunately there are no pets allowed. Smoking, as per SCA law, is forbidden within the event area, both inside and out. The site is discretely wet.

By plane:
The nearest airport is Frankfurt International (FRA) Airport. Lufthansa is currently offering 99 EUR specials from most originating points within Europe.
We will charge a fee of 5 Eur per person each way for airport pick up service.

Public transport:
The nearest train station is Erbach (Odenwald).

By car:
A detailed route description will be found here soon.

34 Euro for adults including all meals, plus 2 Euro non-member surcharge Please ask for discounts for day tripping, families and children.

Please use our reservation form. If you have problems or questions regarding your reservation please contact Lady Elsslin. Reservation deadline is November 1st, 2007.

Event Steward:
Meisterinne Stella Seraphina von Leuchtenberg
E-Mail! (steward at university.knightscrossing.org)

Lady Elsslin von Adlersberg
E-Mail! (reservation at university.knightscrossing.org)

Travel Coordination:
Mistress Judith de Northumbria
E-Mail! (travel at university.knightscrossing.org)

Head Cook:
Lady Giuseppina di Pipistrella
E-Mail! (cook at university.knightscrossing.org)

University Chancellor:
Lady Jeanne la sarrasine de Montevilliers
E-Mail! (university at drachenwald.sca.org)

http://www.knightscrossing.org/html/en/university.html Location:
Barony of Knight's Crossing (Erbach, Germany)