Tomb Inscription May Commemorate Burial Place of Father of John the Baptist

"This is the tomb of Zachariah, martyr, very pious priest, father of John," says the Greek inscription on a funerary monument at the foot of the Mount of Olives. The inscription likely dates to several centuries after Zachariah's death, and was probably put there by Byzantine Christians. In the fourth and fifth centuries, the Byzantines marked sites in the Holy Land which they thought were linked to Biblical figures. These references are important, according to scholars, because they shed light on the traditions and beliefs of the early Christians.

Wonder how long it will be...

...before someone starts claiming that this thing is contemporary to the tomb itself? The scholars have been quick to point out that this is an interesting discovery but that it is from a later time period. The cynical part of me fears that the clarification of the time period will not survive the popular press. I hope I'm wrong.