Hunter's Moon

The Shire of Hartstone would like to invite one and all to their annual event,Hunter's Moon on October 20th at the Andover Rod and Gun Club, P.O. Box# 548 Kilbane Road, Andover, N.Y. 14806.

Site opens 9 a.m. and Closes 5 p.m. This Year's theme is a "Scadian Pentathlon" with; Archery, Thrown weapons, fencing,heavy weapons, and an A&S competition. Youth contests in all areas if enough interest.There will be a sideboard buffet from 12 noon till 4 p.m. with various foods. Merchants are welcome.This is a "Scadian Pentathlon" to test everyone's prowess. You can compete in as many events as we have, or if you prefer, stick with one all day. The Pentathlon winner will be the individual who score the most points.Each station will also have it's own tourney winner. Fun for all is to be had !

The A&S part of the competition is as follows; All entries to the competition are asked to be donated to the Aethelmearc Kingdom Largesse fund at the end of the event. Theme is open to the artist. There will be one populace choice winner who will be awarded a prize. Come out and show your generosity by making something for the general largesse fund.You don't want to miss this Event.

Autocrats: Lord Arddenn Scot of Clann Scot, and Lady Renata the posh rot Send reservations to Lady Lillian of Hartstone

For any dietary concerns contact our feastocrat; Lady Deirdre Scot of Clann Scot

Site fees are: Adult $12.00, ages 14-18 $10.00, ages 6-13 $8.00, 5 and under free. Familly cap of $4. Fees include sideboard buffet. Make checks payable to SCA Inc, Shire of Hartstone. There is a $3.00 NMS fee, not to be included with pre-reg.

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