Pommels and Plates

Not fighting in Crown because you didn't think you were ready? We've got a tournament for you. Fighting in Crown and you want another chance to prove that your performance wasn't a fluke and all that training really did pay off? We've got a tournament for you.

Is your weapon of choice thin and flexible? Would you rather throw rocks at their houses than take your chances face to face? Is your idea of fun punching holes in your foes from 200 yards? We have a tournament for you.

Do you throw a mean back stitch? When you say you're going to carve them up and serve them for dinner do your friends cheer because they know you'll do it, and it will be the best food they had all week? We have a competition for you.

On September 8&9 the Barony of Atenveldt is hosting an all things competition event: Pommels and Plates.

Join us for new fighter and experienced fighter tournaments, a Golden Chain tourney, a five weapon style tournament, torchlight rapier, archery shoots, greek fire fights for siege weapons, a pot luck feast - we supply the meat - and dancing. Assemble your teams for combat stitchery! Plan your best entree and be prepared to make it into a subtlety, but take care to use the secret ingredient provided by the feastocrat.

The event will be held at the Empty Acres resort in Buckeye and the site opens at 4PM on Friday for camping. Please see your Southwind for more details and watch for postings by the steward of each tournament and competition as they post details of their challenges to the list.

Is there a competition missing and are you willing to see it to fruition? Please contact me with the details and maybe we can add it to the fun. Location:
Barony of Atenveldt (Buckeye, Arizona)