Champions of al-Barran

As the current champions of al-Barran have given much of their time and blood to defend this great barony and its people, it is time to allow such battle-hardened veterans to retire with honor. Let new champions rise to see to the defense of our great Baron and Baroness and the populace! Their Excellencies invite one and all to Champions of al-Barran!

Champions of al-Barran
September 14th-16th
Land's End, Stanley, NM
Site Opens: 12pm on the 14th
Site Closes: 3pm on the 16th
Event is FREE
Site is Wet

There will be something for everyone. For the heavy fighters, there will be the Champion and Master Swordsman tournaments. For the rapier fighters, we will have the usual Protector of the Baroness's Heart and Master Swordsman. The new Bard of al-Barran will be chosen, and of course, it is time for the barony to receive her new Champion Archer. Also, expect a scroll competition, to be judged all day Saturday. At night on Saturday, there will be the baronial bardic...and of course...this year, the TAVERN IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Expect beautiful ladies from al-Barran, and even some other baronies and free beer (donations accepted). We will even have a special night for the ladies!

So with all the fighting, singing, shooting, dancing, (and ahem...maybe a little drinking), there will be no such thing as a boring time at al-Barran Champions this year! Keep that armor in good repair, break out the tankards, and bring your singing voice...our new champions will soon rise!

Directions: Take I-40 east from Albuquerque to Exit 196. Go North on NM 21 for 12 miles. Turn east (right) on White Lakes Rd. Go 4.5 miles to Rough Rd. Turn North (left) and go 2 miles. Turn east (right) at SCA sign and go 1 mile to Land's End. Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Stanley, New Mexico)