Cynagua/Mists War

His Highness of Cynagua, Dregel Alewolf calls for his troops to prepare for WAR! For yet even as the mighty (but doomed) forces of the Mists prepare for the day of battle, Cynagua's kindred stand strong to make support of their Prince and His Mighty, Mighty army!

Join us for the day in a good fight with friends both on and off the battle field! Whether you are fighting or not, consider bringing a toy for the Toys for Tots Challenge between Cynagua and the Mists! Your toy COULD make the difference between winning or losing the War, so bring your toys and make war in the best way! The challenge is to see which Principality will bring the most toys for their side for a "Toy" War point. The Principality with the most toys collected that day, wins the "war" point for their Principality.

Site information: Site opens at 9:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm. *The park charges $4 per car, please consider carpooling.* Event fee is $4 for members, $7 for non-members, ages 15 and under are free. If you have a sunshade that you can bring, please feel free to do so for a "Green area" that we are intending to create for court later in the day.

Autocrat: Gracye of Guthrie (Nancy Irvine)

Directions: Take your best route to Hwy 50 in Sacramento. Exit Watt Ave. north and travel north 11/2 miles until you get to the intersection of Fair Oaks. Turn right onto Fair Oaks and travel to Arden Wy and turn right. Follow Arden until the road ends into William B. Pond Recreation area Location:
Principality of Cynagua (Sacramento, California)