Siege of Glengary

Last fall, the forces of Aethelmearc met the Atlantian hordes led by the Barony of Highland Foorde on the field of battle in a grand quest to retrieve the Sylver Apple of Sylvan Glen, the talisman that bestows bounty and prosperity on our shire. Led by our mighty King Christopher, fierce Queen Morgen, and the brave Defenders of the Glen, we emerged from the fray victorious.

Having settled this property dispute, the populace of Sylvan Glen had hoped for peaceful respite from the long years of uncertainty and war. For an all too brief moment, it looked as if tat peace might be realized, but that peace was placed in grave jeopardy as reports of bandits attacking Highland Foorde’s Western Road began to trickle in. As these attacks have become more brazen and frequent, the hope for peace between Sylvan Glen and Highland Foorde has become much dimmer.

The Western Road travels through a narrow and mountainous area of Atlantia and is the only connection the Barony of Highland Foorde has to its colony in the west. This colony is vital to the growth and stability of Highland Foorde because of the raw materials such as timber and the stone that burns that are now being transported to the eastern parts of the barony. This lonely secluded road has proven to be a perfect target for the brigands who are now stealing entire caravans of goods traveling in both directions.

The people of both Highland Foorde and Sylvan Glen have tried to track down these ruffians but the area in which they operate is so vast and so wild that our separate efforts have met with little success. Through lengthy and diligent diplomatic talks, cooperation, and sound intelligence work, the barony and the shire have discovered that the brigands are operating in both of our lands. We have concluded that this threat is far too great for either of us to face alone and thus we have entered into an alliance. Together we will drive these unsavory characters from our collective borders.

And so this is how a promise of peace has been ripped asunder and the winds of war once again blow across our fair lands. As we prepare for war of a different sort,.we beseech the good people of Aethelmearc to come to our aid once more as we assist our noble cousins in the search for these outlaws. Help us rid our shire of these thieves who rob from our neighbors and steal our hopes for peace.

Camping: $12.00, day trip, $8.00.
Children ages 6-15 camping, $7.00, day trip, $3.00.
A light lunch will be provided Saturday and is included in the site fees.
Feast is an additional $6.00 for adults, and an additional $3.00 for children ages 6-15.
Children age 5 and under camp and feast as our guests, but please register them.
There is a $3.00 surcharge for non-members.
Pre-registration is encouraged, especially for those wishing to feast, as at-the-door feast slots will be limited. Feast will once again be prepared by Master Huen Damebridge.

Take your best route to I-81. Take exit 16W in West Virginia. This merges onto Rt. 9. Follow Rt. 9 through the town of Hedgesville, WV. Once you pass the Hedgesville Fire Dept., it’s approximately 3 miles to Camp Frame Rd. Turn right on to Camp Frame Rd. Continue on this road, staying to the right. Camp Frame is at the end of it. Location:
Barony of Highland Foorde & Shire of Sylvan Glen (Hedgesville, West Virginia)