Masters of Defense Baronial Birthday

Come one and all to join Their Excellencies, Vlad and Medb, and celebrate the birthday of the Barony of Lochmere!

Martial Activities
In celebration of this glorious event there will be a tournament in the style of the Masters of Defense. Combatants will fight in five forms each of both heavy and rapier. The five forms for the heavy list will include Weapon and Shield, Great sword, Polearm, Double Weapon, Single Sword. Rapier will include Single Weapon, Double Weapon, Sword and Buckler, Sword and Dagger and Weapon and Parry Device.

Please contact the Autocrat with pavilion requests and sizes. We can not guarantee that you will be able to set up near the list field, but we will do our best to provide a comfortable viewing area.

A&S Activities
In order to be recognized on the field from a distance, it was important to display ones heraldic device on the shield, a pennon or other type of flag, and even the clothing. This heraldic display evolved over the years to include even devices carved into stone or wood over fireplace mantels or doors, or etched or painted onto windows, or even plates and goblets and of course clothing worn as livery.

To celebrate this birthday of our fair Barony a competition will be held involving clever uses of the Baronial heraldry. A prize will be given for the best, most documentable item. For any A&S questions, please contact Master Corun MacAnndra at

Children's Activities
There will be a Children's Activity tent set up far enough from the list field to keep small children out of harm's way. Lady Hrosvitha von Celle is in charge of Children's Activities.

NOTE: A parent or legal guardian must accompany and remain with any child brought to the Activity tent.

Please contact Lady Vitha at for more information.

A savory 14th Century English feast will be prepared by Roswitha of Suanesfeld.

Some dishes may contain wine and/or nuts; for any allergy or dietary concerns, contact Roswitha (Jean Amann) at

The Barony will also be sponsoring a fund-raising lunch at a cost of $5.00 to benefit the Baronial fighting community.

Silent Auction
A silent auction will be held during the day to raise funds for Baronial equipment in need of replacement or repair. Please check the Lochmere website as the event nears for further details and a list of just a few of the items up for bids.

Lady Saige ferch Cedwyn (Rachel Dant)

Trinity Episcopal Church,
7474 Washington Blvd (US 1),
Elkridge, MD, 21075

The site opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m. Beer and wine only. No pets except working animals. The site is handicapped accessible.

From the North: Take I-95 South to Route 100 East. Take the first Exit onto U.S. Route 1 South. Travel approximately one mile. Trinity Church is located on the right-hand side of the road.

From the South: Take I-95 North to Route 175 East. Turn left at the traffic light at the intersection of US-1. Travel approximately one mile. Trinity Church is located on the left-hand side of the road. Location:
Barony of Lochmere (Elkridge, Maryland)