Lost Scottish Village Found

Scotsman.com: The mystery of the long-lost village of Whittingehame in East Lothian, Scotland has been solved with the help of a 200-year-old map. Whittingehame Kirk still stands, but the village from which it took its name has been missing for centuries. Abandoned 300 years ago, the tiny 7th century village of Whittingehame was recently re-discovered with the help of an old map. Archaeologists eagerly used the map to identify the site of several old buildings including a pub, a blacksmithy, and a school. The site lies beneath an open field, which excites researchers who will be able to work on the undisturbed ground. Aerial photos of the site show a dark oval and a rectangle which may be a 7th century church.

Historic Scotland archaeologist Chris Tabraham says, "It is so exciting to find because it means there is a lost village underneath the soil just waiting for someone to excavate it."

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