Luttrell Psalter film project

WAG Screen is creating a film based on the Luttrell Psalter, an illuminated manuscript from 14th century Lincolnshire. The film will combine images from the manuscript with live actors to produce a work which will be shown at The Collection, Lincoln’s new museum.

According to the website:

"We intend to recreate the richness of the mediaeval landscape, including the wild flowers, insects, animals and birds, which would have been so abundant then, and were significant enough in the lives of people of the time to be recorded in detail in the Psalter. The film will therefore include wildlife filming, which will mainly be done on Lincolnshire nature reserves, but where necessary we will have to go further afield, for example to film red squirrels and the chough, both illustrated in the Psalter. We want to illustrate how deeply and intimately people's lives were connected to the landscape and the seasons."

See a clip from the film by clicking "original article" below.

Thanks to Lady Catriona Fionnaghal nic Elphinstone for the link.

Luttrell Psalter Film Project available on DVD

We are delighted to announce that the 20 minute Luttrell Psalter Film is now avaiable on DVD. The film follows a year in the life of a medieval village as illustrated in the Psalter.

The DVD also includes an interview with Michelle Brown (author of the Facsimile Edition of the Luttrell Psalter), early music musicians demonstrating the instruments illustrated in the Psalter, the choir singing the plainchant from the Psalter itself in Irnham Church and more. You can purchase the DVD through our web site

All the profits from the sales will go towards making the Luttrell Psalter Part II on the life of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell and his household.