Baghdad Museum Will Reopen

Washington Post: The controversial Iraqi National Museum will re-open its doors Thursday July 10, 2003 with a glittering exhibit of the Treasures of Nimrud. A spectacular collection of jeweled treasures from ancient Assyria will be on display for a select audience July 10 as the Iraqi National Museum opens it s doors to foreigners for the first time since looting brought the Museum to national prominence. The Treasures of Nimrud were discovered in a vault in the Central Bank of Iraq, and the display will be the first art exhibit since the ouster of Sadam Hussein.

The Treasures of Nimrud were among those items feared looted in the aftermath of the bombing. Officials hope that a display of this type will help see the return of the 40 "important" items still missing or the 3,000-4,000 "lesser" items.

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