One knight's quest achieved

Sir Brand deux-Leons of the Kingdom of An Tir offers an update on his quest to raise funds in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Sir Brand writes:

Unto the good gentles of The Knowne Worlde.

It is I, Sir Brand deux-Leons.

I recently posted a request asking for donations to my campaign to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) (

If we, as a group of individuals, could raise over $1,250.00 in the name of the SCA, then the SCA would be regarded as a Corporate Sponsor and have its logo (Arms) and name printed on over 450 jerseys of our Team in Training athletes who will be seen in California, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska, along with other 'big' companies (think the 'Swoosh' and 'Golden Arches' and the 'Hammer' of my sponsor, Hardwick & Sons, Inc. ( The BoD said "Yes!" to the idea. So did you:-)

As is proper (since the chapter of the LLS I ride for is in Washington/Alaska) the West and An Tir donated the first amounts and made over $1,000.00 in donations and pledges. However, I thought/hoped that others would wish to contribute to make it a true Society effort. You have proven my hope a reality. We did it!:-)

We have won this privilege in the name of all those we love who have been touched by these diseases. As of this writing, $1,390.00 has been donated in the name of the SCA. With this and other donations, I am over half way to my personal goal of $6,000.00, but the Sponsorship is secured. As I continue to work to meet my goal, I am inspired by your generosity and willingness to support this Knight's Quest.

Humbly and with a full heart will I wear my jersey, knowing what that Laurel Wreath on my back means. It means thought and action, chivalry and compassion, deeds done for the good of others and a family knitted together by the desire to improve each other's game.

Thank you, Merci', Dak, Domarigato, Go raibh maith agat, Dankya, Danka, SpaSEEba, Shi Shi Ne, Effadisto, Gracias, Gratzi, and any other way it can be said or signed, thank you all.

Permission granted for cross posting and re-printing.

Feel free to write with questions.

Brand, KSCA, MPel ETC. and one happy, proud man.

For updates, information and further donations, go to and follow the links.

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