Lochac November Crown Tourney

You are invited to attend the high ranges of Riverhaven to the canton of Castellum Montanum to celebrate peace and trade in the Kingdom of Lochac during the age of 16th century Flanders.

Enjoy the pageantry and chivalry as the Kingdom's finest fighters compete for the Crown of Lochac. Revel amidst the wealth of Castellum Montanum and enjoy a night of feasting and celebration. On the following day, relax and enjoy a display of fighting prowess and courtly love celebrated in a King of the Mountain tourney.

When: 10-11th November 2007
Time: Sat morning - 4pm Sunday,
Site: Cabarlah Hall, New England Hwy, Cabarlah 4532 QLD,

Cost: $40M/$45NM until Spring War, $50M/$55NM until 27/10, $60M$65NM at the door. Families POA.

Steward: Beatrice Malatesta (Kellianne Anderson) kellianne6@bigpond.com

Bookings: Required by 4/11/2007 to Caelia the Fair (Michelle McDonald) alshell3@bigpond.net.au

For all details including directions and acomodation, please see http://www.sca.org.au/castellum/crown Location:
Canton of Castellum Montanum (Cabarlah, Queensland)