Rowany's Baronial 25th Anniversary

Rowany has been a Barony for 25 years, so come help us celebrate. There will be fabulous food, diverse great entertainments and a general good time. We'll also throw in a spectacular Gods and Monsters challenge for the martially inclined.

Mistress Gabriella and her minions hard at work in the kitchens to provide a magnificent feast

Come join us in celebrating the history of Rowany which is so inextricably interwoven with the history of Lochac. Twenty-five years ago Rowany became a Barony and Lochac was named. This historic occasion will be celebrated with a fabulous feast prepared by Mistress Gabrielle (and her highly skilled minions) in a beautiful hall. We will have music and song and dancing and story and spectacle. There will also be chance to view the relics and records of our past.

Place: Marrickville Town Hall, 303 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville
Time: 5 pm hall opens, 6pm feast begins
Steward: Mistress Marguerite de Rada y Sylva (Meaghan Waters)

Come one, come all the heroes of Lochac to a challenge with Gods and Monsters. On a spring day mighty gods and monsters will come to Midgard to accept challenges from mortals who believe they are heroes of renown. A mortal opponent can challenge only one god or monster at a time, however, victory is not easy and besides good steel it will take cunning and wisdom to defeat this unearthly host. The challenge will not end until all the gods and monsters are defeated.

Place: Midgard at Petersham Park, West St Petersham
Time: 1st September, Saturday, 11am. Armour inspection will open at 11 and combat will start no later than noon.
Requirements: Bring personal banners and poles.
Steward of the Combat: Jarl Alfar of Attica

Adults: $25 until 24 August 2007, $40 after 24 August Children under 16: $12.50 until 24 August 2007, $20 after 24 August For any requests for special considerations please contact the Steward on

Bookings can be made without payment but must be followed up with payment by the 24 August to receive the lower price, otherwise you will be charged the price at the door.

Bookings to Adrienne Waters

Gods & Monsters challenge
11am - Armour inspection
Noon - Challenge commences
5pm - Hall opens
6pm - Feast commences
6.30 pm - Grand parade of the past and current Baron and Baronesses of Rowany
7 pm - Feast served
8.30 pm - Supper served
11pm - Feast ends and hall closes Location:
Barony of Rowany (Marrickville, New South Wales)