DeMontfort Official SCA Mounted Practice

We going to be focusing on jousting and getting ready for the Sept 29th Demo in Hartsville, SC. Any and all welcome to attend.

1-3pm Heavy Fighter Practice-we need all the heavy fighters we can get (Robert the Banished-MIC)
2-3:30 pm open arena for horse warm-ups (first part will be great opportunity for horses to see and become accustomed to heavy dudes banging on each other)
4pm- Jousting practice-we will be running this as a full dress rehearsal for Sept 29th Demo
6pm- Food, protein, generally good stuff
8-10pm-Bonfire and Beer with Bards singing (bring your drinks)

8am- Jousting practice-work through any issues from yesterday's practice
9:30am Sunday-IKEC games-rings, heads, reeds
12 noon-lunch and leave

Stall or pasture (electric) available for horses-no charge just current coggins

Tent space
Also will have indoor space (3 bedrooms and 2 couches) available on first come first serve basis. One bedroom is already reserved for Gwen (Carol) Saturday night feast will be potluck> please bring a dish to serve 6-8 people. Sunday meals will be provided by House deMontfort Sunday breakfast-coffee, orange juice, bananas and muffins Sunday lunch- sandwiches Please bring own drinks.

5001 Fontanelle Lane
Effingham, SC 29541

RSVP to:
Tamara Semiklose (Eleanor deMontfort) Location:
Canton of Cyddlain Downs (Effingham, South Carolina)