Red Tower XXXV

The Red Tower Tournament has a long tradition of attracting the top fighters in Meridies. There will be plenty of armored combat and rapier combat with many activities for non-combatants.

5:00p Troll/registration opens

8:00a Waking call
8:00 Breaking the fast (until 9am)
9:00 Armor inspection begins
9:30 First class hour begins
10:00 Chivalric combat and rapier combat begin, much more fighting will follow
10:40 Second class hour begins
11:50 Third class hour begins
1:00p Pause for a delicious lunch
2:00 Fourth class hour begins
3:10 Fifth class hour begins
4:30 Fighting ends, clean up for Court
5:30? Court (at the pleasure of Their Majesties and Their Excellencies)

The feasts and revelry are to follow in good order.

8:30a Waking call
8:30 Breaking the fast (until 9:30)
11:00 All guests remaining on site at this time who are not already helping us pack and clean will be cordially asked to join us in those efforts.

The site is Camp Rutledge at Hard Labor Creek State Park located just north of Rutledge, GA.

There are four units of cabins with four single beds each that cannot be moved. Some cabins will be reserved for other guests and staff - they will be marked as such. "Common rooms" will be reserved - please do not sleep in them without permission.

Each unit has a bath house (two toilets and showers each) and there is another much larger bath house near the feast hall. Each cabin has electricity. Bring bedding and electric fans for your comfort. Sorry, no overnight tenting on site.

The terrain is heavy mixed forest and slopes down from the entrance/exit where the staff cabins, royal cabin and the feast hall are down to through the cabin units to the field and thence to the lake about 60 feet in altitude. Google Earth says it's about 680 yards from the road in front of the staff cabin out to the edge of the pier.

There will be TWO handicapped-accessible portable toilets at the field for your convenience.

Merchants will be allowed both outside the main hall and at the field. Mikal is in charge of the field. Mistress Jadi is in charge of the hall and the nearby grounds. There are no merchanting fees, but you'll have to bring your own furniture. For the sake of ambience, loud generators are discouraged. Please check in with Yves (see bottom of page for email) if you would like to set up at the event.

Heraldic Consultation
HL Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant, from the Shire of Beau Fort, will bring his books and expertise to help with Society names and armory (devices and badges). Mistress Bronwen and other book heralds will likely be there as well to assist.

Operating hours: Friday in the main hall from 7-10pm and Saturday at the field from noon until the field closes, with a break for a delicious lunch.

Heraldic Display Contests
Bring your banners and hoist them high, bring your stout boxes marked with your badges, wear your surcotes and tabards and sashes, display your dishes adorned with devices!

There will be two categories: Individual/Couple (one or two people) and Group (three or more people). Prizes to be awarded by Their Excellencies.

Embroiderer’s Guild Salon
Lady Francesca d’Angelo, steward of the guild, will be hosting a salon at the field from 10am until 1pm. For more information, please contact her at scafrancescadangelo@yahoo or see her full contact information in the back of Popular Chivalry. Guild Web site: Meridian Embroidery Guild.

Children’s Activities
Lady Elewyiss the Jew is in charge. Her assistants are Lady Megotta of Thyme Keep and Lady Elizabeth of the Laurel Wood. ... Elewyiss says that in the morning the kids will be playing "Heraldic Twister" and Fire in the Pot. There will also be a Children's Court on the field later in the day where winners from the morning activities will receive prizes.

If you know a deserving child who will be at Red Tower who is not yet a member of the Order of the Cygnet, please send in an award nomination for them.

Please note that everyone will need to purchase a parking pass for $3 to park their vehicle on the site - this is required at all Georgia state parks. (Unless you have a current annual pass, of course.)

From Atlanta or Augusta
Take your best route I-20 in Georgia. Take Exit 105 (Newborn Rd) and go north about 2.5 miles. Cross over US 278. [**] That grocery store on the right may be your last chance to pick up any supplies. The road will dead-end shortly. Turn left, take the next right (Fairplay St), crossing over railroad tracks. Go 3.1 mlies -- during which you'll continue straight through town (watch your speed), and enter the State Park. Keep going straight and look for the SCA sign. The road to the site will be on the right just before a bridge. The road is about two miles long and about the first third is paved.

From Macon
Take your best route to US 129 northbound. Once it merges with US 441, keep going north for 23.8 miles. Looking for signs for US 278, bear left on GA 24 Spur (Ward Road) and go 0.5 miles. Bear left on US 278 and go 8.1 miles. Turn right at the light on Newborn Road and continue at the [**] mark above in the directions above.

From Athens
Take your best route to Macon Hwy (US 129/441) at Hwy 53 on the north side of Watkinsville. That's the starting point used here. Go south on Macon Hwy for about 3.8 miles. Pass GA 186 (High Shoals Road), turn right onto Price Mill Road. Go 6.6 miles. Bear right on Wellington Road. Go 0.8 mile. Cross over GA 83 (the main road through town). The road becomes Malcolm St. Go 0.4 miles. Turn left onto Fairplay Rd. Go 7 miles. This will take you into the State Park. The road to the site is a switchback on the left, just after the bridge. The road is about two miles long and about the first third is paved. Bostwick may be your last chance to pick up any supplies. To get back on track, get on First Street going south and it will become Fairplay Road at the edge of town. Location:
Barony of the South Downs (Rutledge, Georgia)

Red Tower 35

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